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  1. Can someone please help me write a script, if I select all the growfx objects in the scene and I run the script and it will save cache files for all those objects in one folder.
  2. Is it possible to get a script or a workaround to stop growfx from building when opening files ? I tried turning on manual update but I think when a growfx object is being used inside a forestpack it forcess it to build anyway. Ive also tried turning on manual update on forest pack as well but doesnt seem to work and still starts building as soon as I open up the file. Not sure whats causing it to build even though manual updates are on. Any ideas ?
  3. Is there a script to batch cache multiple growfx objects in scene rather than doing it one by one ? Any script ?
  4. Is it possible to get a script which will select all growfx in the scene and turn on manual update and then turn it off ?
  5. Hey, sorry I think I didnt word it properly. I basically want to make lets say 10 copies of growfx with different seeds and not convert to mesh.
  6. sorry my bad, I was doing something wrong. Can you please also do one where it just makes a number of copies of same growfx but keep them in growfx and convert them to mesh.
  7. I tried using the script on the selected growfx and it doesnt work and comes back with an error. " -- Unknown property: "update" in undefined -- MAXScript callstack: -- thread data: threadID:33256 -- ------------------------------------------------------ -- [stack level: 0] -- In top-level "
  8. I saw a video while back and cant find it again, but in that video a process was shown where you can animate growfx seed to frames and then export them to mesh by using Tools>Snapshot and using a range of how many different versions you want of a plant. But I cant seem to animate the seed now or I am not doing it properly. Can you please tell me if there is a way to do it.
  9. Can I please get the Growfx SE version for 1.9.9 and 2.0 for 3dsmax 2023 ?
  10. Hi, Can I please get the growfx multimap for 3dsmax 2023.
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