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  1. Hi Eduard, Taking the subject a bit further. How exactly does growfx handle the instanced geometry? Is it just incorporated as part of the rest of the generated mesh, or will the instances geometry stay as instanced ( which I suppose and hope due to the naming of the function). I am asking this because I want to find the most optimal way to generate advanced plant models. I mean, is it worse the effort to make separate models of advanced objects, such as flower heads -and have the hassle remembering to transport them with the plant hierachy - or is just the same making the head as part of the entire plant, and let all the variations handling being managed by setting up suitable parameters in the growfx hierarchy. Another related matter, - I tried to use MR proxies as instanced mesh objects - and that didn't work. And that was actually this that made me wonder if growfx from the renders point of view is considered as on big mesh - or if it look at the various parts separately? Thanks a lot
  2. Hi Eduard, Has just checked out the instance function! Hey, this is awsome!!! Thanks a lot for the tip - maybe you should mention more about this in the helpfile/manual? Have you considered making the helpfile as a website - like iToo do, might be easier to manage with fast updates. ) I love GrowFX!!
  3. Hi, First of all let me thank you for one of the greatest plugIns I have on my MAX. It has made modelling of plants a pure pleasure. I was thinking if there was any possibility to make a modification of the Instanced Geometry mesh builder, so that it could make a random pick of several versions of a mesh, say a leave or a flowerhead. I haven't found this option anywhere in GrowFX and it strikes me that this would be a very handy thing, especially in terms of optimizing a plant model. The closest I get is if I set up a leaves mesh and makes some chaos on the various paths'. That however can give a very large model. There should probably be some setting of probability and probably also some affect rules. Is it worth thinking of? Cheers, Lars LKE design
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