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  1. PaQ

    Haunted Forest

    Hello, Submission for The Foundry's Annual Halloween Contest 2016 : Modo / GrowFX Thanks Eduard for his amazing plant modeller !
  2. Hi Eduard, Sorry for the little delay, and thanks a lot for your reply ! I'm not really sure how it works behind the scene. The tricky part is to make this point cloud visible as point cloud (particles) for the exocortex .abc exporter. http://exocortex.com/products/crate (GrowFX is mentioned in the compatibility list, and I confirm it works already very well, even with animation ... and without the need to convert gfx asset as mesh). I have tried to create the point cloud with tools available in Gfw. So I use the Instanced geometry (meshbuilder), with a single vertex geometry as object input. Somehow I get my point cloud, however Exocortex exporter didn't recognize this object as point cloud, but as 'simple' geometry (empty geometry in fact, as there is no mesh). In the other hand, 3dsmax particle flow system is exported as point cloud, so they must be some 'class' object, and obviously I need this particle class. (it's important because I can only use this kind of object (particles/point cloud) as scattering support in Clarisse). Also, it would be awesome if some extra data could be stored in this point cloud, like orientation of course, but also scaling, maybe vertex color. (technically it seems that .abc point could or .abc geometry can store any kind of custom channels, and I can easily extract this info later on). The sexiest way would be to have an extra 'leaf type' in the standard leaves (meshbuilder) called for example 'particle' (see attach). Or it could be a new Mesh builder type. That way I could export the tree asset at once (no problem to mix point cloud and mesh with exocortex .abc exporter), and I could even use animation options. I realize it's a very time consuming request, useful for a very small audience ...
  3. Hello, Anyclue if there is a way to generate a point cloud of growfx leaves positions ? With orientation, scaling and maybe even color variation data stored in the pointcloud ? So we could use Exocortex .abc exporter to export this data and recreating the leaves scattering in other softwares, and thus lighten the amount of data to export ? My main software target is Clarisse, and while import millions of geo data is not a problem for this software, leaves scale is very important to tweak for the final image. Would be awsome ! Cheers.
  4. Hello, Can't wait you guys find a way to implement something like the self organization system. I really love the control growfx give me for let's say L1 to L3 branch (according you are using a recursive system), but I still find hard to create very high density foliage without dealing with big masses than doesn't look very realistic.
  5. Hi Eduard, Do you have any more info if this self organisation will be available in a near feature ? There is a plugin for maya based on this paper, called branch out : Not very convicing result, but I'm pretty sure it might be a huge help to drive high density foliage for L2,L3,L... banch levels. Many trees silhouette example in this paper are looking so good !
  6. Ho, can't wait this node based system
  7. PaQ

    GrowFX + Modo 601

    Hello, 2 renders from recent project, using growfx and Modo. Project 1 : The island is build in Worldmachine, the geomtry is exported at a very low rez, I add the additionnal detail using modo displacement. Trees are all done with growfx, they are very low poly. I'm using the great parametric leaves modifier to create so kind of billboard geometry. Project 2 This one was just to play the the new modo volumetric fog. I was reall pleased with the tree model, it was fun to use growfx here too ! Guys, we badly need growfx for modo There is actually just nothing to create trees and the like natively inside modo.
  8. PaQ

    UVW twist

    Yes that would be very handy !
  9. Hi Eduard, Well that's excaclty what I want to do with the optimize, removing extra loops of a path (cylindre). However, most of the time this modifier completely destruct the tree, because it seems to also remove key steps/points that are needed in the tree construction. It would be so great if it was possible to place the optimize at the end of the modifier list of any kind of tree, without any side effect, like disconected branch, overlaping branch, wrong scaling, etc. (maybe a feature request ?) If it doesnt make sence, I can post some image of the funky result I get. But basically you can try by yourself, just download the oak01 (or 02) from the plant library, convert metamesh to cylindre, and try to add the optimize modifier on the Trunk, B1 or B2. Only B3 give expected result.
  10. Hi guys, I'm having really hard time to have good result with the optimize modifier. Whatever where I place it in the direction modifier list, I often have disconnected branches, or wrong scale one. Placing the opimize after a diviation gives also all kind of funky result. I'm actually badly trying to optimize Oak 2 from the free plant library, I've change every mesh layer from metamesh to cylindre, but no way to add optimize anywhere without funky result. Are there any strategy about how to use this modifier ? Thanks. Pascal.
  11. Hi Eduard, Seems to work pretty well, cant wait to test the 1.7. I'm actually getting something interresting with the 1.5 too, using the vector orient direction on the main path (y orientation, 100% strengh), and using 180 turn axis for the second distributed path (with a start angle at 90degre). However the meshing doesnt like it very well, I have a lot of heavy twisted poly. Switching to a metamesh resolve the problem, but the twisted troubles are still visible in the uv's. Am I doing something wrong ? Or is it some kind of bug/limitation ? Thanks Pascal. twist.max
  12. Allright that's pretty cool. Thanks a lot for taking of your time. Hi ptrain03, That's great, but I need it working on a full 3D model, not just on 2 direction. The drawing I made was just to illustrate the problem. So I need a more global solution for this. Hi Eduard, Your example seems good enough for me, but I still dont get how you archive this. And as I'm using the 1.5.0 SP1, I cant load your example. (Our IT is a little bit slow to install update ) I'll see Monday if I can get the update asap ! Thanks a lot guys. GrowFx lover
  13. Hello there, I'm trying to get this kind of distribution over a path since a couple of hours, but I cant figure out how to resolve this. So what I need, is to have the orange path always horizontal (or parallel to the ground plane) whathever the position on the parent path. Appreciate any kind of help ++ Pascal.
  14. esanti

    Hi! i love your jungle GrowFX Plants.from my country I can not offer money, but I would like to see how to exchange for something that interests have. If you are interested please reply. I love what I did it!

  15. PaQ


    Well sort off ... rendered and textured in modo. Thanks for this amazing tool, I wish having growfx for modo one day
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