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  1. tips for this kind of plant

    Awesome, Thank you Eduard ! The first sample is grate because trunks doesn't intersect each other. Thank you again ! BTW I got money ready for V2
  2. Guys any tips for creating this kind of plant (especially roots that are tangled together)
  3. Eduard any update about Grow Fx numero duo? Maybe some video to spice things up what we can expect ?
  4. max 2017 version?

    oh... hmm how I missed it ?! I also heaven't got forum notification.
  5. So Vray and Itoo plugs are ready for max 2017, when we can expect growfx?
  6. sea kelp problem

    Thank you Eduard
  7. How I can export GrowFx tree that have growFx wind added into animated mesh? Is PointCache the only option? Also is it possible to make wind animation loop with GrowFx wind ?
  8. sea kelp problem

    this is what I did and it doesn't work: kelp.max
  9. sea kelp problem

    Thank you Eduard. One more question when using spiral modifier and for example count 2 roots and adding random dir they don't both fallow the direction they go separate ways and I would like them to stay together :
  10. I'm trying to model sea kelp https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/c3/77/c1/c377c1d6b62122ca461ebdc63d41e7af.jpg .But have problem with this part (this bending before the bulb : How to do it so the main root bends before small branch starts. my setup:
  11. max 2015 version?

    Awesome Eduard! This is why I love you guys !
  12. When GrowFX for max 2015 will be available. Already Vray, and Forestpack is here and I just miss my GrowFX
  13. Nike NFL - Jacksonville Jaguars

    I used GrowFX for moose moss and lianes. Here's hi res image of jungle:
  14. Recently I worked on Nike project for Heavy Artillery http://heavyartillery.com. I was responsible for creating jungle and ground in CG. Itoo Forest Pack was used extensively on this project but also I used GrowFX for some greenery. Rendered of course with VRay Full credits and info can be found along with more detail shots and a process video here: http://heavyartillery.com/portfolio/nike-nfl-jacksonville-jaguars/ and http://www.lukx.com
  15. What would be the best way to create this kind of tropical vines. Basically I need growfx paths in different diameters to wrap around each other.