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  1. made my day Eduard ! Thank you !
  2. Hey Eduard, any news on 2023 Growfx update?
  3. There is some bug with max 2022 plugin version
  4. Most scenes doesn't work properly with max 2022 plugin version
  5. I have grow fx 2 for max 2021 and 2022 but when I try to open same scene that work normally in 2021 I'm getting this kind of broken object: s.max
  6. I'm trying to create this plant: https://www.palmnursery.com.au/adenanthos-sericeus-140mm But I'm not sure how to create the bright endings, how to setup the vertex coloring. I'm still on 1.9 as still getting use to 2.0 and it's too busy to be honest compared to 1.9. Also still fighting with making branches at the top more together like on ref instead of so spread. gradient.max
  7. I'm not sure how to achieve this kind of effect of small branches pointing up like in this example: I tried vector but it's just bending and I need it to be more like growing up. problemUp.max
  8. ah sorry I had to move the bottom windo size down.
  9. I can't get UVW Mapping parameters window to open. I'm clicking the button and nothing pop ups.
  10. and another try but still seems that main branches should be more zigg zaggy at the ends... bloomingFlower04.max
  11. really appreciate it. I played with deviation it this file, but now I'm having problems with small leaves protruding branches, I'm not sure how to offset them based on branch width. seems that I also need clumps of fresh leaves growing up. bloomingFlower03.max
  12. I'm trying to recreate this kind of blooming branches thingy. I think I'm missing this kind of hard bend whenever new branch or leaf is growing. I can't quite get it right. blooming.max
  13. Big Thank you Eduard ! You're life saver ! Really appreciate all your support !
  14. again me can't quite figure out how to make this indoor palm tree. The problem is to achieve the stem area shape. My branches are cut instead of going inside. palm.max
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