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  1. lukx

    kentia palm troubles

    Big Thank you Eduard ! You're life saver ! Really appreciate all your support !
  2. again me can't quite figure out how to make this indoor palm tree. The problem is to achieve the stem area shape. My branches are cut instead of going inside. palm.max
  3. lukx

    Aloe vera plant

    Version 1.0.0


    3dsamx 2018, Corona renderer.
  4. lukx

    creating Aloe

    I will texture it and post tomorrow.
  5. lukx

    creating Aloe

    Thank you Eduard, yeah I was thinking about adding finished one to library Any chance to get credit for geometry there?
  6. lukx

    creating Aloe

    Cool idea Eduard but doesn't seems to work. Leaf isn't bending to the path deformation. Untitled.max
  7. lukx

    creating Aloe

    Big thanks! I couldn't figure out how to place those pikes.
  8. lukx

    creating Aloe

    I think it's more complicated and I will have to model manually to get the pikes correctly
  9. lukx

    creating Aloe

    got to something liek this but still need to position pikes more on the sides of main steam and the lengths of pike should get shorter when going up. aloePlant.max
  10. lukx

    creating Aloe

    I'm looking for tips to create the Aloe plant. I have problems with creating those small pins on the sides of main leaf and also I think it's should be meta mesh but then I'm not sure how to control the shape. aloePlant.max
  11. lukx

    branch shape

    Thank you Eduard. Hope in GrowFx 2 it will be more intuitive
  12. lukx

    branch shape

    yes I tried that but have no idea how to shape curve to get the result I want:
  13. lukx

    branch shape

    Is there a way to change the shape of branch. Instead of round I need something like this:
  14. lukx

    tips for this kind of plant

    Awesome, Thank you Eduard ! The first sample is grate because trunks doesn't intersect each other. Thank you again ! BTW I got money ready for V2
  15. Guys any tips for creating this kind of plant (especially roots that are tangled together)