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  1. Is there an upgrade fee for users of 1.xx? I noticed that in downloads the version 2.0 is marked as "demo"...
  2. Hi Eduard, I've had GrowFX since the version 1.8.6. I used it on Max 2014 version. I would like to use the plugin on Max 2017... I downloaded the demo version 1.9.9 SP3 and installed it, but it says Demo Version... What do I need to do the get the full version? Thanks, Pawel
  3. I know it is a stupid question -- how do I update the plugin? I have v.1.9 in Max 2014 and nothing in Max 2015 -- how do I keep current on both? Download and run the demo version? ... or is there a link for update?
  4. The animations are exported to game engines via FBX export. FBX format includes the animated bones, with all the skinning intact. In Max you can use splines as bones to drive animation of a mesh and it works great, but I am almost sure that the FBX format does not support it. (I tried and it did not work). Since FBX is for the purpose of data exchange between different 3d apps, the best way to test the setup it is to export your Max scene and import it back into a new Max file. You'll know right away if the animation survived. The fact that the animation of bones depends on animated spines does not matter as far as the FBX is concerned. You have the option of baking the animation on export, and at that point the spines are no longer necessary. (I usually delete all the extra elements when I re-import the FBX file into Max before using it in Unity) In case of gaming engines, the smaller the files the better real time performance, so it would be great if you could specify the number of bones for each spline -- just the way it was implemented in the spine2bone script... Of course, in my mind the bigger issue is how to do the skinning, so that the bones are moving the same parts of the tree as the spines from which they took their animation from. Would this be difficult to automate? Ideally you could create FBX files with your trees that are animated via bones. This way you could export you animated trees not only to Maya or Softimge, but also to 3d game engines like Unity, which would possibly create a new customers for your business... (GrowFX is the best of the category -- hands down!) Here a quick and dirty test of static trees created in GrowFX exported via FBX to Unity. Use arrow keys, or W, A, D for running the character (two keys pressed together for froward-left, forward right to make turns): http://www.bodytko.com/eduard/
  5. Hi Eduard, This is getting very interesting... I'd love to play with this spline conversion, especially if it retain the wind animation. (Are the exported spines animated?) By using a third party plugin in the Max it is may be possible to convert the spines to bones and to animate the trees for gaming engines like Unity 3d, Cry Engine or Unreal... (Here is the link of Spline2bone script http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/z-spline2bone ) This would be awesome! How do I get my hands on this version?
  6. Hi Edward, Is this the same file as the demo? I am not sure what as a registered user I should download... Pawel
  7. Where can I download the beta? Is this the same version as the public demo version but fully functional when you have authorization?
  8. Thanks Edward for the offer regarding adjustments. At this point it is more important for me to learn to use it and the limits of the software then making this perfect... I will play more with it once I understand it more fully. I do have some questions or suggestions if the answer is "No" to those questions... Since 3Ds Max is an animation software it would make sense that the plants and trees interact with other elements in the scene, or at least make it easy to manipulate that it gives the illusion of interactions. 1) Is there a way to directly manipulate the splines that are the base of the mesh? Like grabbing a point and moving it around? (If now, could it be implemented?) 2) Just imagine cartoon character that grabs a branch and swings it at another, or a giant that brakes a tree and runs with it with leaves and branches shaking... How can this kind of interaction be made -- with Bones? Could the splines be turned into bones automatically when you convert the model to mesh -- with all the branches and leaves skinned automatically and meshes assigned to specific bone. (I wouldn't want to skin a complicated tree manually! It would be a nightmare!) Anyhow something to think about... On another note -- I am completely in love with your software. To have it directly in Max is a dream come through. Thank you.
  9. I've just got your software, and it looks amazing. I am very anxious to learn it. While evaluating it from your demo version, I've test-rendered wind animation of the freebie palm tree you provide for download. I've noticed that the trunks and leaf stems have very convincing movements, but the leaves are not bending and flopping in the wind as they would in reality. They do sway and twist, but are pretty stiff. In reality palm leaves are very flexible and they change their shape the most as they sway in the wind. (I know I live in Florida!) Is this just my ignorance of the software, or this is what to be expected? If they are stiff, can wind leaf distortion be added? (Man, this would blow away any competition! I use Vue Xtreme and their ready made trees are pathetic!) Also, on another topic -- the coconut palm tree in the Palms collection have coconuts that were already cleaned up from the outer layers... (It is kind of funny to see them hanging on the tree <g> I understand you guys live in Russia where those treed don't grow -- I can send you photos or videos or real trees with coconuts if you have the desire to correct it).
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