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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys... The "copied distributor" suggested by 3DMK is easier. Otherwise toggling multiple node layers on/off for fast previews would be faster.
  2. correction... I realise that instead of mentioning point nodes I wrote point distributors. I mean to say it would be nice to toggle on/off individual point nodes.
  3. Hi, Maybe there is work around for my suggestion.. I would like to suggest that there be an on/off toggle for point distributors. The issue I have with not having this option is that if I have in my scene 50 point distributors the scene becomes very heavy to work with while modifying mesh, leaves for example. It would be much easier to toggle off 49 distributors and work with 1 distributor for mesh modifications and then turn the 49 back on after modifications are complete. If there is work around for this I would very much appreciate the tip
  4. axis4D

    Vertical Garden

    thanks for the inspiration Jamie.. here is what I managed with growfx...
  5. axis4D

    Vertical Garden

    Great work 3DMK! I have a job to create a concept similar to yours and i am struggling with creating growfx plants. Do you mind sharing with me your plant library? I would very much appreciate your support, new at using growfx and creating custom plants is a huge mission. Regards axis4D
  6. Hi, 3dsmax crashes when statring the GrowFX_1_8_6_3dsMax_2012 plugin. Even on an empty scene with growfx calculations disabled. I am running your plugin on a fairly capable machine, lenovo w700 and windows 7 professional 64bit. Please advice
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