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    Vertex Colours

    That does the trick - thanks very much.
  2. A cool feature for growFX would be to add a few features to the UVW mapping. A feature to randomise the UVW Xform offset per leaf would be handy, and a way to set 'increments'. Example, each leaf would have a different UV offset, offset by an increment of 0.2. Benefits: - you could either save different leaf variations within a single map. - Free up vertex colouring to use for other effects - I have used different RGB vertex channelsfor different effects which is also good. - adds another method to get variation
  3. misters

    Vertex Colours

    How would you go about creating a gradient along branches in the following situation? B1 = path postion 100% (distr = trunk), count = 2 B2 = path position 100% (dist = B1), count = 2, Levels = 5 So the gradient runs from level 1 (dark) to level 5 (light).
  4. As per title, it would be good to be able to to make for example B2 branches have a different angle if there was a count of three compared with two. Also, Count affects density would be useful.
  5. Hi. That's given me an idea. I guess using B1 angle to affect flowers could do the trick. Thanks.
  6. Hi I have some flowers on a tree and I wish to kind of clump them together on certain branches. currently I've added them onto the ends of my B4 branches, but it would be good to be able to control the randomisation at the B1 level so only certain B3 branches allow flowers to grow on it's B4 branches. Attached is an image of my tree. You can (just) see that the distribution is uniform throughout the tree. Even adjusting the count looks too uniform. Thanks.
  7. Hi I have a couple of general questions... 1) How does the Auto radius work? 2) If using a direction modifier such as Twist Direction to deform leaves, is there a way use the count (to affect say 50%) and then duplicate the modifier and apply it to the other 50% but using a different twist amount? Or would there be a better method to achieve this? Feature Suggestions: 1) Ability to 'export' one (or more) parameters to the 'Main Parameter' part of the growfx interface. For example, I am frequently adjusting my Path1 (Trunk) length during the building process. If I make GFX copy this value spinner (in this case the Length path parameter) to the main interface then it would speed up the workflow by avoiding having to keep opening the different paths to make this adjustment. This feature is implemented into Itoo Railclone and it allows someone to create something complex and provide other artists as an easy way to make simple edits without them having to open the editor and them being overwhelmed by the complexity. In Railclone you can also label these parameters (so could simply name it 'Tree Height'). This could be developed further in GFX to allow the 'export' of curves such as PathPostionAffects>B1_Length so artists can easily adjust the shape of a tree. 2) A way to assign a different texture/colour after a hard bend modifier - whether this was implemented via vertex colour or another means, I think it would be useful.
  8. I'm thinking this too - a loop opens up a lot of options.
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