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  1. So I have a main stem that grows. There are small hairs that protrude from the main stem as it grows but currently they sit on the main path and don't take into consideration the changing radius of the main stem. Any way to sit them on the surface and take the changing radius into consideration ? Thanks
  2. I have followed the tutorials and find the wind animations quite limiting. Maybe I'm missing something but the leaves can't be setup as if the wind is passing across them from a direction, instead the wind seems to affect all of them at the same time. Any help would be appreciated. edit: Ok, it seems you can from the tutorials but ive tried applying the same methods to the palm tree example and cannot seem to link anything to the wind factor. The tutorials seem to use an older version of growFX.
  3. No matter what I do I cant seem to change the cap at the end of the metamesh cylinder. Am I missing something ?
  4. Im finding the new meta mesh feature very very slow. Is this the same for other people ?
  5. Thanks for the quick response. Im probably going to need a number of variations of broadleaf trees and also some silver birch...probably a good selection of broadleaf and deciduous trees. Do you supply the textures and uvw mapping also or is that something we need to do ourselves ? Cheers Steve
  6. A few questions: Is the topic title possible ? Basically taking GrowFX information and scattering thousands of vray animated proxies around that use the growfx information ? Im assuming you would have to bake in the animation before converting to a vray animated proxy. Also, Can I convert the growfx trees to basic meshes and then convert to vray proxies ? If I buy a single license will I need any more node licenses for my other machines to render growfx...in its native state within max...obviously converting to a mesh I wouldnt need a render node license. Does Growfx come with a library of trees so I dont have to make up everything from scratch ? Just need to know if these are possible before purchasing.
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