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  1. I am trying to recreated a lavender plant where some of the buds have flowered and some have not. The problem is that I cannot work out a way to have varying opened and closed buds appear from the plant and not grow from the same distribution points. Any tips on how to do this would be welcomed.
  2. I have 2 paths. 1 is the flower petals and the other is the flower center. How do I create scale variation for the entire flower? I only seem to be able to scale the petals and center individually. The scale for each flower and center needs to be uniform for each flower but varied for the collection.
  3. If I scrub the timeline or render the vertex limit is always reached no matter how much I increase the vertex limit to. If I click on the timeline to change it the limit doesn't max out. I cannot render this animation using meta mesh for the trunk and main branches only. Not sure why this problem has suddenly started. I'm using 3dsmax 2019.3. GrowFX: 1.9.9 SP9
  4. Great. I'll send this off now. I'm using 3dsmax 2019.3. GrowFX: 1.9.9 SP9
  5. So here are two images. 1 is of the static tree prior to adding the animatoins. The viewport grab is the animated tree. The shape couldn't ever possibly grow to be the same based on using the trunk length parameter.
  6. Thanks. I'll give that a go. So what about the other issue in terms of growth. It seems I would have to grow the tree much larger than the original to be able to get the true to look fully grown at the top but of course this is an issue because the tree cannot be any larger. Is there any way around this problem ?
  7. Hi there. I created a tree with multiple levels of branches, leaves and some flowers at the end. The problem is, as soon as I try to animate the tree growing the shape completely changes. Because you have to use a curve for the growth at each level the tip is always lacking growth on every level. I had a fully grown static tree previously but when animated it looks like a tree that has yet a lot of growth to come. I've tried adjusting the curves for the branches and leaves but that just makes the branch levels grow to quickly and pretty much just pop in instead of growing in. My last issue is the flowers at the end of each smaller branch. They are distributed pathpositiondistribution parameter. This does not allow for growing. The flowers just pop in. I'm using a leaf mesh. I tried using a Parameter:path position as I did on the other levels but obviously because the flower is at 100% of the path it will just pop in. How do I get round this and have the flowers grow ? Any help with this appreciated.
  8. Making sure the object is a solid, closed object and converting to a mesh worked for me. When I was using a plane GrowFX kept crashing.
  9. I'm not much of a arborist so I'm having trouble identifying this tree. Does anyone know what this is ?
  10. So I have the branches, leaves and flowers all growing based on the main stem of the plant. The problem is that when the stem reaches it's full length the branches, flowers and leaves are all much smaller toward the end. How do I grow these items past the length of the stem so that they scale up to full size (if that makes sense) ?
  11. I have instanced flowers that are attached to the end of the branch paths. The leaves on the branches scale up fine as the branches geow in length but I cannot seem to do this with anything attached to the end of the branch. Is this possible ?
  12. Old thread but has multithreading been implemented ? I can drag the slider whilst the plant grows and it chugs and seems to only use 2% cpu power. I have 64 threads on my Ryzen so that is frustrating !
  13. Hi. I'm also in the same situation. I have sent a message to the above email address. Really could do with this sorted asap please.
  14. How do I login to my account ?
  15. Sorry, it's been a while since I used my growFX. Where can I download this ?
  16. I am creating a complex tree with surrounding stump vegetation and it woud be great to have the option to create a folder and group certain components together to simplify the path view.
  17. Wil multi thread usage be implemented at some point ? It seems odd that something that is very CPU intensive is not taking advantage of todays CPU's.
  18. I did when I used the same growfx system. I think previously I was using different systems and that was the reason it wasn't working. The project is still live so can't show anything yet. Sorry.
  19. What I need is for all the flowers to animate normally (and randomly), facing different directions. I then need them to animate to face the same direction...I don't want them to all face the same direction from the start. Edit: So basically an animated transition from random direction (at the end of the growth animation) to a single direction (as if all facing the sun for example).
  20. I have some plants animated growing where flowers appear at the end. I have 5 instances of the same growfx plant. They are using randmom direction modifier in direction window. At the end of the animation I need all flowers to orient to one and the same direction. How do I do this ? I've tried vector direction using a target point but this does not work. Just to add that I need the change in direction to be animated. Any help appreciated.
  21. Great stuff. Growfx just keeps getting better and better and I have to say the customer support is fantastic !
  22. Maybe with the added option for meshsmooth/turbosmooth iterations. When close up to the mesh leaves they need to show some thickness to get better realism.
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