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  1. This problem occurs when 2.x uses PathPosDistributo, and occurs when I switch to 1.x. Is there any way to make the subpath grid fit the method on the parent path grid;Auto radius or Radius<Parent radius didn't work either (<--translator, sorry
  2. Hi! Eduard! I can use the expression perfectly in GrowFX1.9.9, but the expression does not work under the same setting in GrowFX2.0. The error in the Listener is "- Unknown property: "Path_01" in $GrowFX001", how to solve this What's the problem? excuse me!
  3. !! I am very happy to receive your reply, I will try to use this method to complete
  4. I am a project worker using Maya. I'll make individual assets of vegetation in GrowFX, adjust the number of low planes, and then import them into Maya for a preview distribution of vegetation. I tried replacing the Growfx body with Max's clone, and the wind dynamics were the same. Then I found the Point Distributor, which perfectly clones and replaces, but only one at a time in the face of massive replacement work. I wonder if you can add a batch selection button <pick list>, thank you very much (my English is poor, the above is the use of translation software).
  5. I have the same problem. I tried to make a model using Object Reaction to interact with GrowFX, but the feedback I got was pretty stiff. After that, I interacted with the Wind controller, which also had a stiff effect when the Wind field touched and disappeared. You want to provide a button to animate a path or model with a time-lapse effect. My English is poor, so I used a translation software and hope it won't cause any trouble
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