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  1. Thanks for the quick response. Im probably going to need a number of variations of broadleaf trees and also some silver birch...probably a good selection of broadleaf and deciduous trees.

    Unfortunately, we don't much these trees.

    But you can look in the Examples folder, after installing the demo version. Maybe there you will find something?


    Do you supply the textures and uvw mapping also or is that something we need to do ourselves ?

    The UVW mapping GrowFX generates automatically, but the textures we don't have yet :)



  2. A few questions:


    Is the topic title possible ? Basically taking GrowFX information and scattering thousands of vray animated proxies around that use the growfx information ? Im assuming you would have to bake in the animation before converting to a vray animated proxy.

    Just you can create animated Vray proxies from GrowFX animated objects directly.


    Also, Can I convert the growfx trees to basic meshes and then convert to vray proxies ?

    Yes, in the full version you'll have enabled the option "Convert to mesh" in the Preference parameters rollout. Just check it and then convert to a mesh in the usual way.


    If I buy a single license will I need any more node licenses for my other machines to render growfx...in its native state within max...obviously converting to a mesh I wouldnt need a render node license.

    After purchasing you'll get access to a secure area of our website, where you can download the GrowFX full (workstation) and render node versions.

    The GrowFX render node version you can install on your rendering PCs.


    Does Growfx come with a library of trees so I dont have to make up everything from scratch ?

    Unfortunately, we don't have yet a full library of trees, we have only a few trees and other plants. How many and which trees you need?


    Just need to know if these are possible before purchasing.

    Thanks for your question!



  3. One way is to use the GrowFX for placement of trees on the surface, as instanced objects.


    So, you can make 3 or more different trees. Then, create GrowFX object and distribute the path from some surface (see picture below).


    post-3-090248400 1286218353_thumb.jpg post-3-069259900 1286218392_thumb.jpg


    Add the "Instanced geometry" mesh-builder, and add these 3 trees. Turn off the "Combine meshes", and turn on the "Display as bounding box", as a result - the models will be distributed as instanced objects.


    post-3-001424100 1286218417_thumb.png post-3-056365900 1286218439_thumb.jpg

    post-3-043838800 1286224076_thumb.jpg


    Download this scene: Multiple_trees_02.zip


    Also you can use other plugins to distribution of multiple trees on the surface:

    "Forest Pack Pro" from www.itoosoft.com

    "MultiScatter" from www.rendering.ru


    Good luck :)

  4. Всем привет!

    Отличная тема для знакомства всех пользователей GrowFX! :)

    Я очень рад здесь всех увидеть! Надеюсь тут вы сможете познакомиться, и пообщаться.

    Ну а если есть какие либо темы для обсуждения, или наболевшие вопросы, то пожалуйста, новый топик создать, думаю не проблема ;) .

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