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  1. Yes, it's very great work. Congratulation!
  2. Eduard


    Wow, your work looks very cool!!! Will you allow us to put it in our main gallery? You can send this picture to us with your logo or signature... Cheers
  3. If in this location the MetaMesh creates a meta-surface, then this place will be only as a spherical caps. See my example:
  4. Спасибо тогда ссылку потом дадите? интересно было бы посмотреть...
  5. Приветствую! Help на английском ставится вместе с плагином, и его можно найти в меню Пуск -> Exlevel -> GrowFX for 3dsMax xxxxx -> GrowFX user manual (English). Ну а русский Help можно скачать отдельно со страницы: http://exlevel.ru/download/, там внизу... Ну или вот прямая ссылка: GrowFXHelp_rus.zip
  6. Eduard

    Wish list

    Hi, Thanks for your suggestions! This feature already exists! You can look at the "Chaos Material ID", here are some screenshots: Ok, we'll think how to add a similar feature. At the moment GrowFX allows to deform an objects along the direction paths. What more deformation you would like to have? Ok, we can add this parameter. Thanks again! Cheers
  7. Eduard

    Wish list

    Yes, we too want it, but quickly develop it is not possible. We need to change more than 60% of source code, basically it the UI. Maybe later we'll start this work... Cheers
  8. I don't know exactly , but I think it will be in March 2011. Of course, we'll try to add it as quickly as possible. Cheers
  9. Unfortunately GrowFX doesn't support saving presets, but very soon we'll add this feature. Cheers
  10. Yes, most likely, we fixed something in the Service Pack Cheers
  11. Yes, at this moment only one by one. How you see a solution for this problem? To do this, open the "Global Meta Settings", and turn off "Generate UVW Mapping". When you finished setting tree, you can enable this option. Keep in mind, you can overlook the importance of the "UVW weight %" values, but this parameter can be set up later... Cheers
  12. What happens when you cancel: 1. Completion the current iteration of the creation metamesh; 2. Calculation UVW-coordinates (if enabled); 3. Builds a resulting mesh, by using available metamesh data; This algorithm allows you to see the unfinished result, without waiting for build full completion. Most likely, you have a very complex model, as a result, one of the above items makes for a long time. Of course, later we'll improve all this algorithms. Cheers
  13. We've created a small update, and about this is declared here: http://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21-we-have-updated-growfx-150-sp1/ Maybe you should update your version Yes, this is possible because metamesh can't work on all CPU cores. Ie its basic algorithm is not multithreaded. Cheers
  14. Hi, Please send me your model, I'll check it...
  15. Yes, it's a great idea, and you can use these builders as you see fit .
  16. How many faces or vertices were generated in this work? Most likely here is a some bug, I've seen it at some point, but at this point we could not find it. Now we continue the search, I'll let you know as soon as it's fixed.
  17. Hi Raistlin, Please try to increase the Face size value for all MetaMesh builders of all paths. It's much reduce generation time. When you are finished setting your tree, set the previous values. Also, use the following options: 1. Turn on Stop stitching for branches; 2. Turn on Stop stitching for the trunk, and set Stop after pos is equal to 70% (for example). Of course, we'll soon make a new tutorials, and there will be shown how to create plants with metamesh. Cheers
  18. Today we have updated the GrowFX, now you can easily convert "Cylinder mesh" to "Meta mesh" and vice versa. Just right click on your item "Cylinder mesh", and click "Convert to Meta mesh builder". Cheers
  19. Eduard

    Wish list

    Ok, we'll try to implement it, I think it's not a problem. Ie you have several distributors of one path, and when you change one of them, the lines in the viewport must somehow be highlighted in a selected color?
  20. Yes, I saw it once, most likely it's a bug in 3dsmax. Please send us your max file, where it occurs, also let me know what your 3dsmax version, and what is your operating system - 32 or 64 bit? We try to understand why this is happening.
  21. I don't know exactly why this happens. All methods of this graph are implemented by the system, it's Curve Control in 3dsmax. Growfx only opens a window and adds this control. Which a parameter you open where this happens?
  22. We re-uploaded all the installation packages (demo and full versions), now you can download them. Cheers
  23. Ok, thanks a lot for your indication. Today we'll fix it.
  24. Eduard

    Wish list

    Hi Paul, Thanks for your wishes! It's are not complicated, and I think we'll soon be able to implement them Thanks a lot! Yes, we really want our product was the best Cheers
  25. Hi, The iterations value doesn't affect to time of building mesh, just if you specify a low value, then a mesh maybe is not completed. Yes, using the Stop stitching can very reduce a building time. Cheers
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