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  1. Hi Javadevil, The node editor is only available in version 2.0. It's now available as a Beta version, and if you're a 1.9.9 user, then most likely you just need to renew the license. We've introduced an annual maintenance subscription for version 2.0 and higher. Check your account, maybe you've version 2.0 Beta available for download, if not, then you can renew your subscription and get this update. Thanks!
  2. Hello Flexkind, Ok, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
  3. Hi DrewC, We've fixed this bug, and I sent you an update... Thanks for your bug report!
  4. Hi DrewC, Ok, now I see the problem. Tomorrow we'll investigate this bug and try to fix it. Thanks!
  5. Hi DrewC, Didn't see any problems. Can you send me your scene file? Thanks!
  6. Hi DrewC, What is your GrowFX version, 2.0 or 1.9.9 SP9? Thanks!
  7. Ok, thanks a lot for your bug report! Have a good day too!
  8. You can also download a new update from the same link. Thanks!
  9. Hi Karen, Finally, we've fixed several bugs related to this issue. I sent you an update... Thanks for your file, it really helped us find and fix these bugs.
  10. Hi Karen, Can you please send me your tree, so that we can test and fix the problem? Thanks!
  11. Hi white_wizard, Ok, I've sent you an update too. Thanks!
  12. Ok, I've sent you an update, this is just an update of the same version 2.0 beta. Thanks!
  13. Hi Karen, We've a new update, and most likely we've already fixed this bug, but I would like to check it out. What is your 3dsMax version? I can send you an update and you'll check it. Thanks!
  14. Hello Aron, As I understand it, your affect gets data from a distributor of child path, so this will not work. I think it's better to use the old way, creating separate segments. So try to create such a node graph: Here's the result: I already have a new version, and I'm attaching a max file for max 2020, I hope you can open it: RepeatSegments_01.max Thanks!
  15. Hi Sajith83, Yes, you need to copy GrowFX objects as copies (not instances) then it should work correctly. But if you copy them as instances, then there will be a conflict between the GrowFX objects, because the wind generator is located in different places. We also fixed some bug in the wind modifier for version 1.9.9 SP9, and soon we'll update all versions on the server. Thanks!
  16. Hello bubba, Ok, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
  17. Hi Terri, What's your version of GrowFX? Can you send me your max file, where does this crash happen? Thanks!
  18. Приветствую, IS_Alex! Я все-таки думаю, что надо пробовать сделать это с помощью Leaves mesh, выставить Angle Across = 0, а вот Incremental Angle Across изменять графиком, чтобы по длине стебля он менялся, от меньшего значения к большему. Если не получится, то попробую сделать сам... Спасибо!
  19. Hi Terri, I think you better ask Chaos Group on this issue, if they report that the problem is in GrowFX, then I need recommendations on how to fix it. Thanks!
  20. Hello lilei, To understand the cause of this problem, I need your max file. Can you send it to me? Thanks!
  21. Hi Marti, Ok, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
  22. Hi edwingoh, You can see the "Peony" model in our Plants library, there are also roses, but it's not very similar to your flower: https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/35-rose-bush/ Thanks!
  23. Ну все, это исправил... Если нужно, могу обновление прислать, а так оно будет выгружено при следующем обновлении. Спасибо еще раз! С уважением, Эдуард.
  24. Добрый день, Olegg! Хм, я понял в чем проблема. На данный момент, чтобы перетащить путь выше, куда Вам там нужно, надо перетаскивать его по очереди только через 1 путь, т.е. если перетаскиваем 5-й путь вверх, то сначала надо поставить его между 3-им и 4-ым, затем между 2-ым и 3-им, и т.д. Просто там у нас идет обмен данных только между 2-я путями, а на самом деле там идет полная пересортирока путей, а этого мы не учли. Конечно, мы это исправим в ближайшее время, но пока только так. Спасибо за указание на этот баг! С уважением, Эдуард.
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