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  1. Hi Nildo, Thanks for the info, now I too got this error. We will fix this bug. Please wait a moment
  2. Hi Nildo, Just I sent to your @yahoo.com address
  3. Hi Nildo, I sent you an update by email, please check this...
  4. Hi Nildo, Ok, thanks! If you get this error again, please let me know. Hopefully it will not be Cheers
  5. We updated EL_Helpers.dlo, please download EL_Helpers_3dsMax2012x64.zip, unzip and replace this file in the installation folder (it should be in C:\Program Files\Exlevel\GrowFX_3dsMax_2012\ ). It is likely that the problem in this file. Try it and let me know the results, please.
  6. Strangely, we have all Ok, but I have a Windows 7 x64 and also 3dsMax 2012, and I don't think that there is a difference. Maybe there was a failure during download or installation? Who has 3ds Max 2012 x64? Please check this...
  7. The new version is ready. See additional info here: http://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/63-growfx-beta-version-170-is-now-available/
  8. Hi Everyone, We have prepared a new beta version, it's available to customers only. What's New in GrowFX 1.7.0 + New direction modifier "Wind animation", and "Wind" helper object. For easy and quick settings of the wind animation. + New direction modifier "Hard bend". This allows to create a hard bend directions, mainly for the leaves of palm trees. + Support of the Nitrous viewport graphics mode in 3ds Max 2012. + Some minor bugs are fixed. A detailed description and user manual will be available later. Here you can see a video tutorial to configure a wind animation of the tree: Download this scene (3ds Max 2009 + GrowFX 1.7.0) Cheers
  9. We already have some results Tomorrow we'll upload a new beta version.
  10. Hi Nildo, We're still trying to solve some problems for working together "Vector direction" and "Wind animation" modifiers.
  11. Yes, we have recently created this model: Bougainvillea01 (3dsMax 2009 + GrowFX 1.6.0) This should be like as Creating Ivy.
  12. Hi Nildo, Now we're preparing a beta version and today or tomorrow we'll upload to the server. I'll let you know about this. Cheers
  13. Hi ptrain03, Thank you very much for a full and detailed reply! I can only add that we are planning to create a plants library and gradually increase it. Also very soon we plan to release a new version, which will allows you to quickly and easily configure the wind animation. This will be very realistic wind animation of trees. Cheers
  14. Hi, GrowFX is a plugin for modeling and animating plants for 3dsMax, and it doesn't rendering engine. For rendering, you can use any other plugin or integrated renderer in 3dsMax. Or use other applications, but for this you need to convert your model to another format. GrowFX creates a full-fledged model of trees (as you said: textured object with each leaf), and it doesn't create a placard with an image on it. Thanks for your interest in our product! Cheers
  15. Hi Jamie, I think that here everything is correct. Try to convert your tree to an editable mesh, then create a proxy object. As a result, you get a file of your model for 1 frame. Then multiply this file size to 200 frames, what you get? Cheers
  16. What kind of plug-ins is missing? Please show the error fully... Maybe you didn't correctly install the plugin? You're able to create a new GrowFX object? Cheers
  17. Please first try the version 1.6.0, because there we have fixed a few bugs... If a crashes will continue to happen, send us your model for analysis. Cheers
  18. Конечно, как вариант можно, но тогда теряется основной принцип всех зависимостей. Вот например, как использовать этот график, если, допустим, наша ветка распределена с нескольких других путей, плюс еще откуда-нибудь (отдельная точка, либо поверхность), и для каждого распределителя нужно настраивать особый график зависимости длины? Для сложных деревьев такая ситуация вполне возможна. Тут надо подумать как это организовать правильно, возможно тут нужна кнопка с другой иконкой... А так идея хорошая, спасибо! PS: Пожалуйста, по отдельным вопросам создавайте новые темы в этом разделе: [Russian forum] / Для русскоязычных пользователей С уважением, Эдуард.
  19. Yes, the new installation package doesn't contain any examples. We have removed them to reduce the package size. We plan to soon add on our website the plants library for separate download, and then gradually increase it. Nevertheless, you may download the existing examples from the link below: Examples.zip Cheers
  20. Ну почему же? В Вашем распоряжении целый раздел: http://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/forum/11-russian-forum Позже, если будет много тем, то разделим на подразделы.
  21. Eduard


    Hi, Yes, your roses are very beautiful
  22. This modifier we have already developed It will be available in the next version. Cheers
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