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  1. Hi Paul, Thanks for your indication, we'll study this issue and try to improve the copy/paste and scaling features... Cheers
  2. Nevertheless, I attached the modified file with my texture... Here I don't turned off the options in the Global Meta Settings. Note: After opening turn off the Manual update... Cheers gum-tree-light_3.zip
  3. Thanks! Please set for all MetaMeshes UVW weight equal to 100, and in Global Meta Settings turn off the Rebuild extralarge faces and Rebuild extrasmall faces. Then, because I don't have your texture, set size of the map in the UVW Mapping parameters. Cheers
  4. I fixed your model What I changed: 1) I turned the pivot with its Z-axis was directed along the leaf. 2) I applied the Reset XForm to leaf, to reset any pivot modifications. 3) I changed the path length of leaf, so it was not equal to 0. 4) I added the modifier "Vector Orient direction" on the path of leaf to turn all faces up. 5) Also, some minor changes: the "Deform along path" turn on for Instanced geometry and added "Vector direction modifier". Please see attached file... Cheers WIERD LEAVES_1.max
  5. Hi Michiel, We want to create the possible to apply directions modifiers after building the mesh. This will allow modify vertices only, and not calculate the paths and meshes each time. I think this will work very fast. This will also keep the topology of meta mesh. Cheers
  6. Please send me your model, I'll look how to solve this problem. I'm sure it can be solved.
  7. Please try again. I downloaded successfully just now.
  8. Hello, Ok, now I understand your idea. Yes, to do this we must add a new Affect parameter: "Vertex color" for the Surface distributor. But you can solve this problem without using the vertex color map. Use any other procedural texture or animated bitmaps, and then you will be able to influence to the parameter "Instanced geometry -> Current time". Please see my example... At first I influenced to the path length, then from the length I influenced to the Current time. Cheers growingGrass_Example_1.max
  9. Hello, How do you created an animation of your vertex color map? I just cannot recreate your case. Or you use any new Max feature, or another plugin? Also if possible send me please your scene file. Cheers
  10. Eduard

    Vertex Colours

    Hi Jamie, Ok, we'll think about how to implement it properly. Thanks for the idea! Cheers
  11. Ну классно
  12. Hi Jamie, Ok, we'll add it soon. We already long wanted to add this feature. You can just convert your "Cylinder mesh" to the "Meta mesh". Just right click on your item "Cylinder mesh", and click "Convert to Meta mesh builder". Ok, we'll think, where we can add something... Cheers
  13. Hi Pascal, Yes, the vector orient direction turning path elements separately, and if your path is strongly curved, there maybe such twisted troubles. I decided your problem in a different way, see my example (GrowFX ver. 1.7.0)... Cheers twist_1.max
  14. Thanks for the idea Here's my new solution: I used a new direction modifier Hard Bend , see my screenshots: Max file here: SpecificPathDistribution_02.max Cheers
  15. Hi Pascal, Yes, you're right, this distribution is difficult to create. But I tried, and here is my result: SpecificPathDistribution_01.max Just I made a surplus of strength in the Vector direction modifiers. Cheers
  16. Hi Everyone, We have released GrowFX 1.7.0. Now users have a unique opportunity to create the wind animation of the plants easily and quickly. What's new: [+] New direction modifier Wind animation and a new Wind helper object enable quick and easy creation of wind animation of any plant; [+] New direction modifier Hard bend, allowing you to create a hard bend of directions, mostly to create fractures in the leaves of palm plants; [+] New option Flip normals for Leaves mesh allows you to invert the normals of polygons in leaves; [+] Support for the Nitrous viewport display mode in 3ds Max 2012; [+] Some minor bugs are fixed. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks, Eduard.
  17. Hi Nildo, Ok, thanks a lot for your help in finding this bug!!! Cheers
  18. Hi Nildo, I meant the link that I sent you on your @yahoo.com address. Just use the old link If all OK, then today we'll update the installation package. Cheers
  19. Some example of wind animation grass:
  20. I sent you too an update by email
  21. Hi Nildo, We've fixed this bug. Please try to download the update again through your link that I sent you earlier. I checked and it works fine Cheers
  22. Hi Nildo, Thanks for the info, now I too got this error. We will fix this bug. Please wait a moment
  23. Hi Nildo, Just I sent to your @yahoo.com address
  24. Hi Nildo, I sent you an update by email, please check this...
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