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  1. Yes, you're right. Calculation of the cache file was successful, but when we moved the time slider to the end of the frame range, the tree looked like ruins )). Maybe a problem here in the Point Cache? There is another solution... What renderer are you using? If VRay or MentalRay, you can convert the tree into an animated proxy object. Many of our customers use it. Another way to try to divide the animation into 2 parts, ie create 2 cache files, one from 0 to 100-th frame, the second from 101 to 200-th frame... Cheers
  2. Yes, your workstation is cool I think there should be no problems...
  3. I don't know But I think it's limited only by your RAM. Your original tree has 5 million vertices and 7.5 million faces. I have only 4GB RAM, so I could not wait for the caching process even 1 frame animation...
  4. Ok, thanks! I not found any problems with the Point cache... I'm a bit to optimized your tree, ie no need turned off the mesh optimization. But I was not able to optimize your leaves, because your leaves objects (for Instance geometry) were converted to Editable mesh. But I reduced the number of leaves by: twigs_01 > Distributors path > PathPosDistr_02 > Levels I set equal to 1. As a result we have tree with about 2 million vertices and about 3 million faces. dense_tree_2.max The proper way of caching animation I think as follows: 1) generate a cache file (click New... and Record buttons); 2) convert the tree to Editable mesh. Prior to this, you can save a copy to avoid losing the original model; 3) apply a new Point Cache modifier and load your file cache. Cheers
  5. Please send me your scene file... I tested these actions in Max 2012 everything works fine.
  6. I cannot help you if you don't send me your model I earlier created trees with over 2 million vertices, and a caching worked fine!
  7. Hi Jamie, Yes, we also want to add a checkbox Deform along path for Standard leaves, like as in the Instanced geometry. Also plans to add a few more high-quality presets leaves, such as for some simple trees and other: oak, maple, etc. Cheers
  8. Eduard

    Vertex Colours

    We have some complexity with VC, but we try to resolve it as quickly as possible...
  9. I don't know why it happens, I need to look at your model. Please send me your model...
  10. Hi Jamie, Ok, we'll try to improve the management of updating the calculation mesh builders... At this point, you can just copy your metamesh builder, then convert the new metamesh to the cylinder mesh, and the original metamesh turn off. After you finish setting all the other builders, turn off the cylinder mesh, and turn on your original metamesh Cheers
  11. Hi Paul, Yes, I got this error, but only via Internet Explorer. If using the Opera browser, it works fine. Later, we'll update the forum engine, maybe it fixes the problem. Cheers
  12. Хорошо, спасибо! Вообще, тут нет бага! Вот гляньте мой пример, там простой конус, и на него наложен такой же материал. Stvol_cone.max Т.е. тут сыграла роль специфика наложения текстуры на конические поверхности... В Вашем случае, модификатор Optimize "выпрямил" ствол, и в результате получился простой конус. В этом же примере, для Optimize я изменил Angle tolerance с 2.0 на 0.02, это добавило дополнительные сегменты, и в результате этот эффект уже не проявляет себя так сильно. Только на макушке немного видно искажение текстуры.
  13. Да, спасибо за замечание! Но, пожалуйста, пришлите Вашу модель... А то я попробовал, и не получилось воспроизвести эту проблему
  14. Ну скоро уже будет такая возможность , используя Vertex Color, можно будет модифицировать текстуру по цвету, или делать смешивания разных текстур.
  15. Классный пейзаж! Но вот с макушками сосен что-то непонятное (наверное, по-срезали на новый год ) Да и ветки в самом верху толстоватые. Вот, для примера фотография: А так, в целом, картинка хорошая, только макушки доработать и все .
  16. I tried to create a maple tree, please look how you like it... Cheers Maple_01.max
  17. Eduard

    Vertex Colours

    Hi Jamie, I think very soon at the beginning of November 2011. But I can send you before, when will ready all algorithms related to the VC. Ie I'll upload to MyGrowFX a new beta version and tell you about it Cheers
  18. Eduard

    Vertex Colours

    Yes, it will make more realistic plants, so we decided to implement a VC in the first place. At the moment, it works as shown in my screenshot: But we'll add the inheritance of colors, at least it is necessary for MetaMesh (just an algorithm of VC for MetaMesh still not completed yet). I think it's more comfortable than the Gradient Ramp You can scale the size of this control... : We developed their own control, to be able to save data in gfx-file without creating a mat-file. (for a plants library). Yes! Yes of course, it will work for all mesh builders. Ok, thanks for your wishes! Cheers
  19. Eduard

    Vertex Colours

    Hi, Now we complete the development of Vertex Color feature for all mesh builders. Here's a screenshot and example of using this feature: Also you can affect to the following parameters: Position, Chaos pos and Weight. What do you think about this? Maybe you have some suggestions? Cheers
  20. Hi! Please send me your model, I'll check it... You can send me to support@exlevel.com.
  21. Hi, I attached the max file that shows how you can solve your problem. I hope you'll understand there If not, please ask... Cheers growfx fractal_1.max
  22. Hi Nupsi, Your trees are created in another application, ie not in GrowFX? If not in GrowFX, then you need to recreate a plants in GrowFX, then you'll be able to apply the wind animation system... If your plants are created in GrowFX, you can just add for the trunk, branches and leaves a modifier "Wind animation". Cheers
  23. Hi David, To deactivate you need to run Deactivate.exe in the installation folder. See in C:\Program Files\Exlevel\GrowFX_3dsMax_2011\ If you are using the same PC, the deactivation is not required. Cheers
  24. А ну понял, да есть такое, но тут есть возможность избегать этого. Например, делаете путь с листьями. И потом его распределяем по всем веткам, посредством нескольких распределителей. А что касается модификаторов и деформаторов, то тут я просто могу добавить, помимо Copy/Paste, еще и Paste as instance, и при этом модификатор будет выделен жирным, к примеру, показывающий, что это не один экземпляр. Просто этого ненужно было не кому, а когда появится нодовый редактор, то это будет актуально.
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