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  1. Hi Nakama, I tested as you described in Max 2012 (64bit), but I didn't get any crashes, everything works fine. We'll be testing more this, maybe will find some bug... Cheers
  2. Hi Nir, You have incorrectly configured your material. At the top level you have a Multi/Sub-Object material, which has only 2 submaterials (accordingly MatID = 1 and 2). As a result, your leaves with ID = 3, assigns the material with ID = 1. I added submaterials for Multi/Sub-Object, so it was 1,2,3,4, then clone your Leaf1 material to 3 and 4 slots. See my screenshot: Also I attached the modified scene file... Cheers Small_Bush_GrowFX_2__1.max
  3. Hi Nir, I checked with the texture VrayMultiSubTex, and it works fine. To solve your problem, I need to look at your model...
  4. Hi Nakama, What files of our library, you open with crash of 3ds Max? Thanks!
  5. Your leaves are on the verge of rotation, since you are using "Orientation for leaves". So the slightest movement of the branches leads to flip of the leaves... For the branches B_1 -> VecOrient_dir_03 I set "Y orientation", accordingly for B_2 -> PathDistr_01 -> Distributor in points -> Angle axis = 90, and added VecOrient_dir the same as for B_1. This lined the leaves on the tips B_1 and B_2. I've also improved your tree, and set up an animation by using Wind animation modifier, instead Vector_dir. I sent you the modified tree... Cheers
  6. Hi, To solve your problem, please send me your scene file with your model to support@exlevel.com
  7. Hi Martin, You used the Noise direction, and if this path used as a branch, you'll need to set the Strength parameter graphically, see my screenshot below. It must also be configured for other branches, I sent you the modified scene file. Cheers
  8. Hi Martin, Please send me your scene file with this model... Thanks in advance! Eduard
  9. Hi Helenni, Yes, it's Russian and is my native... If you want, I can rewrite in English Cheers
  10. Hello Leon, Thanks for your kind words! At this point, unfortunately you cannot loop the wind animation. But you don't first ask about this, and we already think how to solve this problem. Best regards, Eduard
  11. Hi, Please send us your scene file with GrowFX model where the rendernode doesn't work... Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks, your images looks great We'll be glad to see you among our customers! BTW, now still active special offer and you can buy with good discount, it's only until January 5th, so hurry up... Cheers
  13. Ok, we'll try to create such webpage... Cheers
  14. Hi NIR, We found and fixed a bug. You need to download and reinstall again the GrowFX Rendernode. Sorry for the inconvenience. Cheers
  15. Thank you very much and Happy holidays!
  16. Hi Jamie, Thanks very much and Merry Christmas!!! Eduard
  17. Hello Dan, Yes, we have not added yet support for multi-threading because Metamesh algorithm works sequentially, ie there each new face depends on previous faces. But we have some idea, and we'll try to implement it... We'll be glad to see you among our customers! Best regards, Eduard
  18. Hi Everyone, GrowFX 1.8.0 has been released. Users now have a unique opportunity to manage the colors of branches and leaves by using the Vertex color feature. What's new: [+] Added a new feature Vertex Color for all mesh builders; [+] New parameter Random scale for Instance geometry; [+] New parameter Min size faces for Global Meta Settings. Note: The value of this parameter will affect to the minimum radius of all Meta mesh builders; [+] Open/Save presets some bug fixed; [+] Improved mesh updating; [+] Some minor bugs are fixed. Also we have updated our Plants library for correct opening in this version. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks, Eduard.
  19. I'm happy for you And by the way, thanks a lot for the idea!!!
  20. Hi Jamie, Maybe this bug we've fixed, but I'll check it again. Thanks! Cheers
  21. Yes, cool example! Ok, we'll add these blending modes I thought about this, but we're in a hurry to completing this version, and I was not sure of the need to add these modes. Cheers
  22. Ok, now it's clear I wish you successful learning, and if you have any questions, ask me...
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