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  1. Hi Everyone, We've fixed some bugs related with the names (for compatibility with 3ds Max 2013). Now you can download and install the new version again. Cheers
  2. Hi Dan, Ok, thanks for the info. Today, we'll fix it. Cheers
  3. Ok, thanks for the comments. Today, we'll fix it. Cheers
  4. Hi Everyone, We have prepared a new beta version, it's available to customers only. What's New in GrowFX 1.8.5 Beta: + Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2013 and 3ds Max Design 2013 (32 and 64-bit); + Improved algorithm for wind animation; + Added Highlighted paths mode; + Added new options Align width and Along edge in the UVW Mapping rollout for the Leaves mesh; + Smooth growth of ending point for Noise direction modifier; + Added ability to disable calculations (for opening crashed scenes); To do this click Start menu > All programs > Exlevel > GrowFX for 3dsMaxXXXX XX-bit > Disable calculations. + Correct copying a path name when you copy the path; + Multi select paths for deleting and highlighting; + Don't open the message window every time; + Some minor bugs are fixed. A detailed description and user manual will be available later. Here's some examples: Align width and Along edge is off: Align width is on, Along edge is off: Both Align width and Along edge is on: Highlighted paths mode enabled: Cheers
  5. Hi Nildo, Yes, I hope that your problem is also solved. I sent you an update by email, please check... Cheers
  6. Hi Dan, Yes, we want until May 11 to release this version. Just we've not decided yet some issues of activation with Unicode. Cheers
  7. Hi, I looked at your model. But the reason is not clear, so we continue to search this bug... Cheers
  8. Thanks a lot! Yes, you did the right thing, it's still the only way to create a transition between two textures. Also you can use the Blend material, it will allow to create transition between two materials. Cheers
  9. Hi Sam, Your task is very interesting, but for this we need to create an affect to the current time of the material (when rendering). At the moment GrowFX doesn't allow this. I think we should try to develop their own material plugin, which will allow change the current time, providing the material of different ages. Cheers
  10. I'm pleased to announce we've solved the problem with the wind animation. Now I hope the branches will move smoothly Now we'll prepare all versions, as well as for Max 2013, and will be releasing an update soon. If anyone wants to get an update now, let me know and I'll send it to you. Cheers
  11. Hello, Yes of course, GrowFX allows you to create these trees. See the sakura tree in our Plants library, you can modify it as you wish. Cheers
  12. Eduard

    Vertex Colours

    Hi Jamie, The Colour blending modes is not ready yet, but we'll try to add it to the next release. Cheers
  13. Wow, looks great! You'll not mind if we add this image to our main gallery? Thanks!
  14. Ok, we'll try to build this version as soon as possible. Cheers
  15. Unfortunately an upgrade is not yet ready. Please send me your model (you may by email), I'll change it as you wish... Cheers
  16. Yes, it can be done by adding an extra twisted branches. Ok, we'll think how to implement your suggestion, but it's a difficult task... Cheers
  17. I think that your model can be created without such an propagate direction See my example: Max file: TwistedBranches_1.max Cheers
  18. We have found the cause of your problem There is a small bug in the transfer parameter of the affecting system. Now we have fixed it! In any case the noise map doesn't work as it should, and I don't know why... If use another map, it will work fine: Then tomorrow we'll update the plugin, and you can download it. Thanks for your example!
  19. For the Surface distributor you should create the affect from the Parameter: Surface, settings are the same... See my example: Max file: ChaosRadius_2.max Yes, we plan to add the seed parameter for some components. Cheers
  20. Yes of course, you can create an affect from any parameter of the distributor to the mesh radius, and there set the chaos value. See my example: Max file: ChaosRadius_1.max Cheers
  21. Да, Вы правы. Есть такое для последнего пути. Просто этот эффект проявляется по разному, и в разных местах. До этого смотрел на ноутбуке, там не было этих колебаний. Сейчас на рабочей станции - есть, но не там где у Вас... В общем надо будет изучить, почему это происходит, возможен баг. Спасибо за наводку!
  22. Что-то не обнаружил ничего в этом дереве. Видимо Вы уже отключили "ориентацию для листьев"?
  23. По Вашей ссылке получаю Error (403). Вы можете прямо тут прикрепить файл.
  24. Hi Morten, At the moment we know the cause of this problem, but don't yet know how to solve it. We'll try as soon as possible to find a solution. I'll let you know the results... Now you can change the parameters of your Noise direction (for B_3), or turn off this modifier. It slightly remove twitching of branches. Best regards, Eduard
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