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  1. Привет! Хорошо, надо будет глянуть как там превью в forestpack'е работает... Ну да, для этого, как я и описал, метод хорошо работает. Конечно, если трава не высокая, и как происходит колыхание на ветру не важно.
  2. Привет! Где-то на форуме был пример как это делается. Поищи. Cоздается фрагмент травы в виде круга (используя Chaos offset). И потом его конвертим в вирей прокси, затем расставляем по площади как инстансы. Можно еще и Forest Pack использовать для этого... Ключи не нужны, если объект анимированный, то все будет нормально. При добавлении модификатора Wind animation, сам объект становится анимированным автоматически. Знаю, но пока конкуренцию forestpack'у создавать нет в планах. Очень много других идей, которые необходимо реализовывать... Ну для этого и есть Meshes, включаешь и смотришь... Или в чем загвоздка?
  3. Hi, Thanks for your order! Yes, you can deactivate your license and then activate again on another workstation. For more info see: http://exlevel.com/faqs/#304 Cheers
  4. Yes, the GrowFX demo version conflicts with any other versions... PS: We need to add the uninstall of the existing version before installing the new version. Cheers
  5. Hi, Most likely you've not installed on all machines the latest version of GrowFX rendernode. Please check what version is installed on machines that give this message? Cheers
  6. Hi, After purchase, you should be received an email with the Serial number and instructions for downloading the full and rendernode versions. Have you received such email? If not, please let me know your data that you used when ordering (first and last name, email address). You can tell me in private. Thanks!
  7. To download a new demo version, fill out the following form: http://exlevel.com/download/ Cheers
  8. Please send me your model, I'll look at the settings and try to find a solution. Thanks!
  9. Hi Levi, Yes, have an affect from radius of the mesh is a necessary thing. We'll try to add this feature, but the problem is that the mesh begins to building after all the paths created... I usually create an affect from the Parameter: Path position to the Offset, and customize the curve of the factor like a curve radius of the mesh. But it's not effective. To do this, you can create an affect from any parameter to the angle, and then just increase the Chaos % value. Cheers
  10. Конечно, давайте проверю. Присылайте на емайл сценку где это будет видно... Спасибо!
  11. Добрый день! А Вы какой версией GrowFX пользуетесь? Если демо, то возможно он не будет работать, из-за отключенной конвертации в меш. Если у Вас полная версия, тогда нам нужно посмотреть этот Thinking Particles, и попытаться решить проблему...
  12. I think it would be easy to do, when it will be possible to copy the modifiers as instances to other paths. To do this, we can add a feature (by menu button) to copy the component on all paths at once.
  13. Hi Guillermo, Thanks for your file! I sent you the corrected model. Cheers
  14. Hi Guillermo, Please send me your model, we'll investigate this problem. Thanks!
  15. Look at "Palm 1" from our plants library. There you'll see how the leaves change their color. Also see how to set up the material for the leaves. There uses Mix map on the diffuse slot, which uses the Vertex color map. Also you can use the Blend material... If you have any questions, please ask. Later we'll make a detailed tutorial for this feature. Cheers
  16. We tested it with VRay 2.0, and the Motion Blur is works fine. Has anyone seen such problems? Now we're waiting yet the latest version of VRay. I'll let you know the result later. Cheers
  17. Hi Everyone, GrowFX 1.8.6 has been released. What's new: [+] Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2013 and 3ds Max Design 2013 (32 and 64-bit); [+] Improved algorithm for wind animation; [+] Added color blending modes for the Vertex Color; [+] Added Highlighted paths mode; [+] Added new Align width and Along edge options in the UVW Mapping rollout for the Leaves mesh; [+] Smooth growth of ending point for Noise direction modifier; [+] Added ability to disable calculations (for opening 3ds Max crashing scenes). To do this just click Start menu > All programs > Exlevel > GrowFX for 3dsMaxXXXX XX-bit > Disable calculations; [+] Correct copying of a path name when you copy the path; [+] Multiselection of paths for deleting and highlighting; [+] The message window does not show up every time anymore; [+] Some minor bugs are fixed. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks, Eduard.
  18. Hello, For the Instanced geometry you can just increase the Random scale %. For the Leaves mesh need to change the length of the paths, use Chaos % for the path length (see the Directions Modifiers). For the Standard leaves you can create an affect from any distributor to Size parameter, and set there Chaos % as you like. Cheers
  19. Thanks for your file! Today, we've tried to solve this problem, but at the moment it is not possible. The problem occurs in the Noise direction, it gives a small accumulative error. As a result, for some branches the length varies. Now you can solve it by disabling the Noise direction. But in the future, we'll add the ability to apply the modifiers after mesh calculation, and it fully resolve this problem. By using this feature, you can use the Metamesh with the wind animation without worrying that the number of vertices may change. Also the wind calculation will be more faster. Cheers
  20. The main tip: Do not use Metamesh builder, because it may change the number of vertices. If the number of vertices will still be changed, then maybe need to disable the Optimize for Cylinder mesh, or send me your model, I'll try to resolve it... To do this in the Metamesh settings for the branch switch the Operation to "-" (subtracting surfaces), and play with the Meta weight parameter. Cheers
  21. No problem , ask at any time... If the regularity is not important, you can increase the value of Chaos % for the length of path. Cheers
  22. Unfortunately is not yet possible to control collisions for the custom meshes. Cheers
  23. Yes, to add a custom mesh need to use the Instanced geometry builder. For correct positioning, you need to change the pivot so that the Z-axis was directed along the growth. Cheers
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