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  1. On 5/30/2021 at 5:12 PM, schellicon said:

    additional in grow fx2 is there any posibility to get acccess to those nodes?


    $.getMeshBuilder 1 1

    and all these good things are gone :((


    We'll try to restore these MaxScript functions, but maybe it will change and will work as with nodes.
    It's just that the system has been completely changed, and now instead of different components we've nodes of different types with continuous numbering.



  2. Приветствую!


    2 hours ago, 3DPaz said:

    Было бы хорошо сделать возможность переименовывать Public Parameters вот в этом окошке. Когда их много, очень не удобно лазить каждый раз и искать ноды.

    Ок, сделаем. Также можно будет добавить кнопку для выделения ноды, чтобы найти ее в редакторе, так сказать.

    И еще, меня просили добавить такой же менеджер для нод Value.


    1 hour ago, 3DPaz said:

    Один неудобный момент еще. Когда выводишь параметры эти. Value можно крутить больше чем нужно. получается в пустую.

    Имеется ввиду ноды Public? Если да, то проблем нет, сделаем. Все-таки каждый параметр имеет свои лимиты, и можно будет их использовать.

    Но это будет работать только при создании новой ноды из какого либо параметра. Если просто подключать уже существующую ноду, то ничего изменяться не будет.



  3. Hi Solice and Jędrzej,


    I've sent you our offer for an educational license...


    13 hours ago, Jędrzej said:

    1. Is Student version viable for commercial work? (like corona renderer software)

    Yes, you can use it for commercial work.


    13 hours ago, Jędrzej said:

    2. Is it once-paid license or subscription for a month/year? Unfortunately I couldn't find any info i FAQ :(


    With the release of version 2.0, we've introduced annual maintenance. This is for updates only, but the plugin will work even if your license expires.
    You'll be able to use, also download and activate versions released while your license was valid.

    After the first year of use, you can renew your subscription for the same price as an individual license.



  4. 18 minutes ago, anujraghav said:

    Sorry to bother again but is there any estimate on the fixed release date ...I am working on a project and this bug has already cost me 2 days of RnD and because project is on  version 2 moving back to version 1 will again be like working from scratch 

    Thank you 





    I don't know exactly how long it will take to fix this.

    As a solution, you can set Levels = 1 in the Path distributor node.  But then you need to copy the path with all accompanying nodes, to keep the multilevel branches.



  5. 10 hours ago, tsuda said:

    Thank you Eduard.
    What is the recommended renderer?


    Corona and FStorm renderers work with GrowFX Demo. VRay should work as well (but I haven't tested it now).


    Other renderers hopefully will work too, but I haven't tested it.
    You can try it yourself using their demo version.



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