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  1. Hello Caue, Yes, if you've the same problem, try downloading and reinstalling GrowFX again. Thanks!
  2. Hi mad, Can you please send me any files that might show this error? I need to check what is happening at the time of copying, saving to file, etc. Thanks!
  3. Ok, I fixed this bug. But I also saw an error in your code: distnum=gfx.getNumDistributors i for j=1 to distnum do ( -- ... dist.GetParentPath j -- Here "j" must be in the range from 1 to dist.GetNumParentPaths(), and not to getNumDistributors ) If you want I can send the update again. Thanks for your bug report!
  4. Hi schellicon, I wonder why this happened... Can you send me your model and a script line with the GetParentPath function so I can test this? Thanks!
  5. Hi, Looks strange. I've not been able to reproduce this. Normally it should look like this: Have you changed the font size in the OS, or something else? Try resizing this window. Of course, we want to implement our own curve editor, directly in the node editor. But this will take some time. Thanks!
  6. Hi Matt, Our tutorials are probably out of date, they were created when AfterMeshModifiers didn't exist yet. We'll create new ones, but only for version 2.0. So, here's a simple rule, create Wind modifiers only in AfterMeshModifiers. Thanks!
  7. Hi Craig, You can read these sections of the help: https://exlevel.com/growfx2-manual/Node_Mesh_InstancedGeometry.html https://exlevel.com/growfx2-manual/Node_Mesh_InstancedGeometryElement.html https://exlevel.com/growfx2-manual/Examples_IG_CurrentTime_UseHierarchy.html Also you can see our example Orange tree 1 in the Plants library. You can convert this tree to version 2.0, and watch the settings for the fruit created using the instanced geometry. Thanks!
  8. Hi Matt, Can't download this file? Treeanim_002.max Thanks!
  9. Hi Jakob, I always recommend applying the Wind modifiers only in the After Mesh Modifiers. The calculation will be fast and without any problems. Thanks!
  10. Hi schellicon, Ok, I sent you an update. Thanks!
  11. Hi schellicon, Ok, we've added the following functions for Path and PathPosition distributors: <growfx>.<path>.<distributor>.AddParentPath <path_index_integer> - this is the same as AddStartPath; <growfx>.<path>.<distributor>.GetNumParentPaths() - returns the number of parent paths; <growfx>.<path>.<distributor>.GetParentPath <parentpath_index_integer> - returns the path object as a ReferenceTarget; <growfx>.<path>.<distributor>.GetParentPathIndex <parentpath_index_integer> - returns the index of path; Will this be OK for you? I can quickly send you an update, please let me know your version of 3dsMax. Thanks!
  12. Hi tiptop234, We'll of course implement this feature, but for now you can use the CHM help file that is installed with the plugin. Thanks!
  13. Hi schellicon, You can only specify the path that will be used for distribution: <growfx>.<path>.<distributor>.AddStartPath <path_index_integer> But if you really need it, we can add these properties. Thanks!
  14. Hi Andrew, You can add the Path position distributor for first level branches, but temporarily disable the Path distributor for this level. This way you'll have one branch for the first level. The position can be set to 50%, or any other. After tweaking your branches, turn off PathPos distr and turn on Path distr again. The same can be done with other branch levels. Thanks!
  15. Hi Chris, Most likely yes, the window showing up off-screen. You can reset this value by deleting the registry key: "WinPosition: Node Editor" in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Exlevel\GrowFX\3dsMax_XXXX\Settings Where XXXX is your 3dsMax version. Thanks!
  16. Hi Oleksandr777, Ok, I sent you an educational license offer. Thanks!
  17. Наша система защиты этого не позволяет сделать, по крайней мере мне сказал сам разработчик защиты, что если это реализовать, то программу можно будет взломать очень легко. Спасибо за понимание!
  18. Hi Luiz Fernando Júnior, Ok, I sent you an educational license offer. Thanks!
  19. Hello Jason , We've fixed this bug and you can update the plugin from the User panel. Thanks!
  20. Hello Stefan, I answered you in a personal message. In the future, if you've similar questions, please write to us by email, we'll respond faster. Thanks!
  21. Hi lukx, Thank you for helping us find this bug! Some changes were made in 3dsMax 2022 that resulted in these glitches when calculating path lines. We've updated version 1.9.9 SP10 for 3dsMax 2022, as well as version 2.0, which includes version 1.9.9 SP10. Thanks again!
  22. Hello Pawel, Yes, if you want to upgrade to version 2.0 you need to login to your User panel account and renew your license. For more info please see our Maintenance Subscription FAQ. Thanks!
  23. Hello HojjiPojji, Maybe you should try to create a Vray proxy? Will they work with forest pack? Thanks!
  24. Hi Szymon, We've fixed this problem, and I've sent you an update by email, please check. Thanks!
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