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  1. Hello, Ok, I sent you an educational license offer. Thanks!
  2. Hello 小饰X, You can use this solution for your task: I didn't use a Switch node between the 2 Distributors nodes because the Random node won't be calculated properly there. Instead, it will always return one value, since the creation of distribution sequences is performed before the generation of any pathlines, so we can't get the chaos we need. If you need to get a distribution of 20/80%, then you can create a scheme like this: (This is another example with different objects) Thanks!
  3. Hi BoscoCKG, Can you please send me this tree file? I'll see how to fix this. Thanks!
  4. Hello Timur, Ok, I just sent you the educational offer. Thanks!
  5. Hi Karen, Try to set the settings as in my screenshot: You can also merge similar nodes. See screenshot above. Thanks!
  6. Hello River, Most likely Windows Defender or your antivirus has deleted this file. Try downloading it from this link: Deactivate.exe Thanks!
  7. Hi Karen, Try changing this value from 0.0 to 1.0. Thanks!
  8. Yes, we've removed these parameters to reduce the node size, and these parameters are the same for all nodes, so they are only in the sidebar. Thanks!
  9. Hello HenrikBC, You can create 2 Wind modifiers, the first one will have a weak wind effect and the second one will have a strong. And for the second Wind set Count rate = 20%. Please see my screenshot: Thanks!
  10. I noticed that if you save the max file with Cache turned off, then the information is not saved. We'll fix this so that the information is saved anyway. Thanks!
  11. Yes, it might not be saved in the max file. Ok, we'll fix this as soon as possible. Thanks!
  12. Hi wallworm, We've already released a new version and you can download it from the User panel. Thanks!
  13. Hi Nenad, Trees from Maxtree are very complex, and when you activate leaves, data structure chains can be broken. You need to make sure that the leaves are created after these branches. This can be regarded as a bug, but we need to check your tree. Can you send it to me? Thanks!
  14. Hi wallworm, We've added the following maxscript methods: <growfx2>.CreateHierarchyMeshes <is_group_by_pathcolor> Returns an array of Editable poly nodes of the elements in the hierarchy. is_group_by_pathcolor : boolean - when true, the algorithm will group adjacent branches if they have the same path color. <growfx2>.CreateHierarchySplines <is_group_by_pathcolor> Returns an array of Editable spline nodes of the elements in the hierarchy. is_group_by_pathcolor : boolean - when true, the algorithm will group adjacent branches if they have the same path color. I'm already planning to release this update as a new version 2.0.1. Thanks!
  15. Hello cippall, Ok, we have already added some methods and properties to manage nodes. You can see the new description here: https://exlevel.com/growfx2-manual/MAXScript_new.html If you want, I can send you an update so you can try it. Thanks!
  16. No problem, you can use this script: gfx = $ for i = 1 to 10 do ( gfxnew = copy gfx gfxnew.NewSeed() gfxnew.update() ) Thanks!
  17. Hi wallworm, You can use the Random generator node to get different V offsets for branches: Thanks!
  18. Ok, I sent you these updates. Thanks!
  19. Hello Usman, Please change "10" in this line: for i = 1 to 10 do ( Thanks!
  20. Although it works in version 1.9.9 SP10 as well. Thanks!
  21. Hello Usman, Are you sure you're using GrowFX 2.0 version? I just tested this script before posting it here. Thanks!
  22. Hello Usman, Yes, it seems possible to animate the Seed value, but it doesn't update during the animation, and it doesn't update the object. We'll fix this in the next upgrade. Thanks for your bug report! Now you can try using this script to create 10 models (for example): gfx = $ iseed = gfx.Seed for i = 1 to 10 do ( gfx.NewSeed() gfx.update() snapshot gfx ) gfx.Seed = iseed gfx.update() Thanks!
  23. Hello Yes, these methods don't work in version 2.0, because component indexes don't exist. Instead, we plan to add new methods that will work with nodes. Just in version 2.0 there are no components like in version 1.9.9, there is a single array of nodes. Thanks!
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