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  1. Maybe I showed you a too complicated graph. Please look on my screenshot below, if Input Value = 1 in Switch_01 settings, then only Cylinder_mesh_01 will work for Path_01, but if Input Value = 2, then Meta_mesh_01 will work. Thus, by changing the Input Value, you can choose which mesh builder to use in your tree. Of course, later we'll record video tutorials. Thanks!
  2. Hi Infinite_Images, You need to create an Affect from Parameter: PathPosition on the main branches that grow from the trunk. Please see my screenshots: Thanks!
  3. Hi bartek_muczyn, Unfortunately this can't be implemented in the Meta Mesh, but you can create any shape of the trunk, for example using the following scheme: Result: For convenience, I show this in version 2.0, but you can also create this in GrowFX 1.9.9 SP9. Thanks!
  4. Hi baby3w, The tutorials will be later, but I can just explain how it works. This node allows you to switch between several nodes, depending on the Input Value. For example, if Input Value = 1, then the node connected to Output #1 will be used (because Output #1 = 1), if Input Value = 2, then will be used the node in Output #2 (because Output #2 = 2). To control the Input Value, you can connect the Public parameter, or any other node, such as Affect, Math or Random. The Switch node can be used in Direction modifiers, After Mesh Modifiers, Mesh builders, as well as for connecting child distributors to the path. In the latter case, the Affect cannot be used. Please see my screenshot: As a result, changing one value, you can completely change your plant. Thanks!
  5. Hi baby3w, We've fixed this bug! Thanks for your bug report!
  6. Hello baby3w, We've updated version 2.0 on the server, and now you can download it from the User Panel. Thanks!
  7. Hi Diego, We've updated version 2.0 on the server, and now you can download it from the User Panel. Thanks!
  8. Hello baby3w, We've already fixed several bugs in version 2.0, and will soon upload to the server. Yes, we removed the ability to record the cache to a single file, because this had a lot of problems. Firstly, the file size could be very large, also it didn't fully support multithreading mode. In the One File per Frame mode, your model will be calculated fully multithreaded, which makes it much faster. Yes, version 2.0 is not backward compatible with version 1.9.9 SP9, because it has many new features. We've already fixed all bugs in the cache mode, but we need some time to check everything. As soon as it's completed, I'll upload the update to the server. Thanks!
  9. Everything is very simple there: Assign different materials to your objects that are used in the Instanced geometry. After that, turn on the Generate MultiMaterial and click Update button in the IG settings. GrowFX will itself assign MultiSubObject material and apply a new MatIDs for these objects. Then just check the material from your GrowFX object in the material editor so that everything is properly assigned. Thanks!
  10. Unfortunately the MetaMesh creates only cylindrical trunks. Thanks!
  11. Hi Joris Ceoen, We've already fixed several bugs in version 2.0, and will soon upload to the server. If you can, please send me your scene file where this problem appears, I just want to check it... Thanks!
  12. Здравствуйте! Это Вы их чтоли на поверхности распределили? Если их распределить на некотором родительском пути (с некоторым переменным смещением, посредством Affect из Parameter:PathPosition и кривой для значения Factor), то можно получить тоже самое. И тогда можно будет создать еще такой же Affect из Parameter:PathPosition, и повлиять им на длину листика, у листика включить Scale proportionally, чтобы ширина также менялась, и регулируя кривую Factor, можно сделать изменяемый размер листьев. Ну а если очень хочется из некой поверхности, тогда можно создать Affect из Parameter:Surface, и в настройках Affect применить Factor Map, в которой задать градиент, и этим Affect также влиять на длину листьев. Спасибо!
  13. Hi Diego, Try to turn on the Disable Progress Bar and turn off the Creation Report in the Preference parameters rollout, so that no additional windows opens while GrowFX is running. Although I'm not sure, but I hope this helps. Thanks!
  14. Hello Orthopteroid, You can create this tree in lines, and then convert your tree into Editable Spline. Then use the Sweep modifier with Use Custom Section. See my screenshot: You can also try using the Instanced geometry with the Deform along path option, which will bend your custom object with an H-shaped cross section. But I think the first way is better. Thanks!
  15. Hi Diego, Yes, we also found and fixed a bug with Override Steps in the MetaMesh. Apparently no one used it yet, so this was noticed only now. Thanks so much for your bug report! I'll let you know as soon as the update is uploaded to the server. Thanks again! Best regards, Eduard
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