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  1. Hello Sean, Apologize for the delay in replying! Yes, most likely I didn't compare the actual size of the tree. You can try to rescale it using the built-in Rescale GrowFX object algorithm in the Preference parameters rollout. Thanks!
  2. Hello Sean, Of course, I was able to properly scale the trees (that you sent me). Maybe you didn't completely change the units? There you need to change the display and system units, and set them up so that they are exactly the same as in the final scene where you'll import the tree. Thanks!
  3. Hello Sean, Yes, we're still investigating this issue. It's strange, but it seems that earlier we already solved it, but now I see that it has reappeared. As a quick fix, you can open these trees and change the units in this scene as you wish. This will rescale the tree correctly. Then you can merge it into another scene without any problems. Thanks!
  4. Hello Sean, Please send me your scene file where your model needs to be converted to inches. I'll investigate this problem and try to figure out where the bug is. Thanks!
  5. hello sir i want student licence

  6. Hi Alica, Have you tried the GrowFX Cache Mode? It allows you to use any animation, including the growth animation that changes the number of vertices. Thanks!
  7. Hello Usman, You can use the DisableCalc.exe utility, you will find it in the installation folder, or in the menu Start > Exlevel > Disable calculation. Click Yes, and then restart 3dsMax. After starting 3dsMax, it will ask you that calculations are off, and if you want to turn it on, click No. To enable calculations, you need to restart 3dsMax again, and answer Yes to the same question. Yes, GrowFX can calculate even if Manual update is enabled, for example when rendering. Apparently forestpack uses the render function to get the resulting mesh. Thanks!
  8. Regarding the frost shader, it's just a material and you should contact the mentor as he plans to release his tree models with materials. Thanks!
  9. Hello 小饰X, Yes, we're already preparing this version and you'll be able to download it soon. Thanks!
  10. Hello Ocean Studio, I've already answered your email request. Thanks!
  11. Hello, Here one of the users posted a script, and I think you're looking for something like this: Thanks!
  12. I don't know for sure, but you can try to create some kind of animation. But I think it will be difficult to set up. Maybe use another plugin for this? Thanks!
  13. Hi cb2000, Of course, anything can be done in GrowFX and you can try it. But whether your PC's power will allow it, I don't know... Thanks!
  14. Hi cb2000, If you're creating a looping wind animation of your trees, then don't use these options, otherwise you won't get looping. But if you don't use looping then it doesn't matter and you can enable these options. Thanks!
  15. Somehow I missed this post, sorry. But this option has already been added a long time ago, most likely in the release of GrowFX 2.0.0 (non-beta version). We just forgot to describe it in the help To add a new Reroute knot, you need to hold Shift and click on the connection line. To rotate the direction clockwise, you just need to double-click on this knot. To rotate the direction counterclockwise, you need to hold Alt and double-click on this knot. Thanks!
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