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  1. Hi Zippy, Version 2.0 will be completed soon. After the release, we'll try to implement the standalone version. Thanks!
  2. Hi Aditya, No, there is no such modifier. It's better to cut the mesh, and grow ivy separately. Thanks!
  3. Hi djanim8, Please, see how best to evenly distribute the stems: Distr_Grasses_max2017.max Thanks!
  4. Hi Shawn, Yes of course, we're going to add this browser, but only after release 2.0. Thanks!
  5. Hi avihcc, Apologize for the late response! Look at my settings in this file: Direction of leaves_1.max, I just added the starting path for the leaves, which grows a little upwards. Thanks!
  6. Please send me to support@exlevel.com Thanks!
  7. Can you send me this model, where did you find this bug? Thanks!
  8. Yes, I'll look at this issue, thanks!
  9. I think you can just apply the UVW Unwrap to use its Relax tool. I looked at the Relax algorithm examples, and there really a lot of work to implement it to our MetaMesh. But we'll try to do it for the next version. Thanks!
  10. Yes you're right. With strong noise it doesn't give a good result. In general, we need to improve the UV algorithm or add a UV Relax tool. I also noticed that you've disabled the Build simple cylinder. If you don't have other branches in this place, you can turn on this option. Or are you just testing without branches, and deliberately turned it off to check? Thanks!
  11. Hi Adrian, It seems to me that there are still some problems with PolyMesh. Try to convert your reaction object to an Editable mesh instead of a poly. Thanks!
  12. Maybe try to apply the Noise modifier in the AfterMeshModifiers?
  13. Hi Mad, Face size of your metamesh = 10cm, and you can try to increase your Steps for the path, for example 5 or 10cm. This should smooth out the UV mapping. Yes, we'll try to add the UVW Relax option... Thanks!
  14. Hi cb2000, You have already answered your first question Yes, some of our clients simulated a similar collision with a car. To do this, we added Decay options in the Wind helper settings to limit the effect of the wind. And you just need to link the wind helper with your car. There is no special tool to simulate shaking bushes and trees, but in the future we plan to develop it. Try baking reaction points with the Bake Direction tool in the Object reaction modifier. I'm not sure that this will help you in your case, but you can try. Thanks!
  15. I think you can try to create several paths with a smaller diameter, arranged like your bumps, and then the diameter of the metasphere will be smaller, and the distance between them will decrease. Thanks!
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