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  1. Hi Terri, If you're using the Angular type, I recommend to set the Angle bend = 0, so that you can use the Angle divergence to set the angle between adjacent leaves. Also use the Vector Orientation modifier with the Another target surface option, and pick your wall as the target surface, so that the leaves are always directed away from the wall. Hope this helps. Thanks!
  2. Это все будет в версии 2.0, там уже будет нодовый редактор, и будет возможность группировать ноды как угодно. Спасибо!
  3. Добрый день! Напишите нам на почту на support@exlevel.com, и пришлите Ваш серийный номер, и я деактивирую Ваши активации. Спасибо!
  4. Ок, отправил!
  5. Добрый день! Ну у Вас же есть письмо которое Вы получили после приобретения? Могу в личку напомнить Ваш серийник...
  6. Hi Faisal, Please send me this palm, I need to check this problem. Thanks!
  7. Hi Paresh, Please send me your scene file so we can investigate this bug. Thanks!
  8. Hi avihcc, I think you can just add an Affect from Branches of 1st level -> Path distr -> Parameter: PathPosition to the Strength of the vector direction, then set a descending graph for the Factor value. Thanks!
  9. Hi Yury, Can you send me your scene file, I just didn't quite understand what you did there? Thanks!
  10. Hi Stefan, You also need to use Parameter: Path position from the Path distributor so that the branches appear smoothly at the top of the parent branch. Thanks!
  11. Hi Aditya, Ok, go to the last frame of the animation, then click the Bake direction button in the ObjectReaction settings. This will keep the current position of all branches, after which your growth animation will be stable. Thanks!
  12. Hi Aditya, What application are you using to render these images, Modo or 3dsMax? Is there an animation, or is it a static plants? Thanks!
  13. Hi Zippy, Version 2.0 will be completed soon. After the release, we'll try to implement the standalone version. Thanks!
  14. Hi Aditya, No, there is no such modifier. It's better to cut the mesh, and grow ivy separately. Thanks!
  15. Hi djanim8, Please, see how best to evenly distribute the stems: Distr_Grasses_max2017.max Thanks!
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