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  1. Hi schellicon, We had a slight delay in updating the User panel page, but now you can login and see discounts there for renewal too. You can just renew your license. If you buy a new license, this license also includes 1 year of maintenance for version 2.0. Thanks!
  2. Hi Maximus geekus, Universe is when the value is presented in the current units: Time is units of time, some parameters have this format: Ok, we'll figure out how to implement it. Thanks!
  3. Hi avihcc, I think you can use 2 paths instead of one to create this leaf. First, these paths must grow together, then they will separate in different directions. You can use the Copy dir modifier to make these paths copy some main path of the leaf. Here's an example: SplitLeaves_1.max But you can also make a separate path for split leaves. But there will be an unconnected mesh junction. Thanks!
  4. Hi stevesideas, You can create a length variation for the path of the flower center, then create an Affect from the length of this path to the length of the petals, so that the longer the center, the longer the petals will be. If your flower center uses its length to build the mesh, then you can create another control path that will parent the entire flower. Then use this control path to control the length of the petals as described above. Thanks!
  5. Hi Saz, Can you send me this scene file? Thanks!
  6. Hi Rokas, There is no such possibility at the moment, but we'll think about how to implement it. Thanks!
  7. Hi cippall, Ok, you can try the update, please download it from your User panel account. Thanks!
  8. Hi guayabeiro, I looked at your plants and noticed that you're using the Wind modifier in the Direction modifiers. But I always recommend using it in After Mesh Modifiers, in this case, the animation is calculated much faster, sometimes in real time. You may not need to cache such models. Please see my attached file: Washingtonia_filifera animation_1.max Regarding the caching process, so far I've not found any obvious problems, but the file is more than 12 gigabytes for 300 frames. You can also try recording the cache in the One File per Frame mode, in this mode the caching works faster. In version 2.0, we completely removed the One File mode, because it has some problems. To create a seamless animation, you need to enable Looping animation in the Wind modifier settings, then set the Looping period as you like, for example, you set 200 frames for the trunk, 100 for branches, 50 for small branches, and 10 for the leaves. The main thing is always a multiple of 200, then your general period will be 200 frames of seamless animation. Thanks!
  9. Hi guayabeiro, Which GrowFX version are you using, 1.9.9 SP9 or 2.0? Also please send me your animated tree so I can check this issue. Thanks!
  10. Hi cippall, Ok, we added the following functions to the path, because the seed offset is stored as a separate array in the path. <growfx>.<path>.GetDirSeedOffset <modifier_index_integer> Returns the Seed offset for the specified modifier, index are 1-based. <growfx>.<path>.SetDirSeedOffset <modifier_index_integer> <new_seed> Sets the Seed offset for the specified modifier, index are 1-based. Examples: $.Path_01.GetDirSeedOffset(1) $.Path_01.SetDirSeedOffset 1 250 I'll let you know here as soon as we update all versions on the server and you can download it. Thanks!
  11. Hi guayabeiro, Of course, gfxcache is reads by GrowFX only, because it's a built-in native format that supports plant growth animations. You need to apply the Point Cache modifier (the standard 3dsMax modifier), then select the file and record the cache for your animation. Thanks!
  12. Hi lembik and DiziUA, Ok, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
  13. Hi edwingoh18, If you have turned on the Convert to Mesh, then you can convert as usual in 3dsMax, through the menu with the right mouse button. And there has never been a dialog for converting. Thanks!
  14. Hello Joosy, Ok, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
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