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  1. Hi godstepson, Of course, the metamesh doesn't satisfy some requirements, so we plan to develop a new algorithm soon. I looked at your file, and this bubble comes from the trunk. The trunk ends with a hemisphere, because the roots are close, and therefore the metamesh can end only with a metasurface. You can try to create another path at the beginning of the trunk, directed down, which will be the starting path for the roots, maybe you can get rid of this bubble. Branches also use some distance to create a metasurface, otherwise artifacts are possible. We chose this distance to completely eliminate all artifacts. Thanks!
  2. Hi phambadung and Rolygr, Ok, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
  3. Hi Terri, Yes of course it's possible. You can install several versions of GrowFX. Thanks!
  4. Hi godstepson, Maybe the trunk goes down there? Ie it starts from the bottom. Send me this model, I'll take a look. Thanks!
  5. Hi jialuo, Yes, we've almost finished developing version 2.0, which has a node editor. Beta will be available soon: Thanks!
  6. Eduard

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    Ok. I deleted your screenshot, because it shows the file path.
  7. Eduard

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    Hi Paresh, No, the Download button is just a link to the User panel where you can download the update. If you don't have an account, just register with your Serial number. Thanks!
  8. Hi stevesideas, Of course, there is no special control for this, but you can try to create a Dummy paths (without a mesh builders) that will control the age of the plant. The first path needs to be start instead of the main trunk, and the trunk will already grow from this path from position 0. This path will work as a controller only for flower growth. From its length, you can create an Affect to the 'age' of the flowers. You'll also need to create a dummy path (a growth controller) for flowers that will control the growth of flowers. This path should grow from the point where the flowers appears, and the flowers should also grow from this path from position 0. This path is mainly needed to limit the size of the flowers, because the Affect from the first path can significantly increase their size. To save memory, specify Steps much longer than the Length of these dummy paths. If it's not clear how this work, I can make a simple example for this. Thanks!
  9. Hi Marcellus, I understand that you've a Display Unit Scale and a System Unit Scale in meters? As in these screenshots: If so, then GrowFX creates a Length of path = 100 system units, and Steps = 1 unit. Accordingly, it will be Length = 100m, Steps = 1m. Then, you need to specify these values manually for new paths. You can also rescale your GrowFX object in the Preference parameters. Thanks!
  10. Hi MattiaP, Ok, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
  11. Eduard


    Hi Ako, Cool plant! Thanks!
  12. Eduard

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    Hi paresh, Yes, we've released this update, and you can see it in the main news: https://exlevel.com/news/ We just didn't post on the forum about this... Thanks!
  13. Здравствуйте, GreatWhiteShark! Ок, я деактивировал Ваши активации на стороне сервера, теперь можете активировать снова. Спасибо!
  14. Hi Martin, Thanks for the information! We couldn't reproduce this situation. Please send me your max file if you'll encounter a similar problem. Thanks again!
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