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  1. Hi Jason, I checked your file, and all trees works fine in the version 1.9.9 SP8, here you can see my screenshot: As you can see, I also copied all the Wind modifiers into AfterMeshModifiers. In this case, wind calculations are much faster. I sent you an update, and soon we'll release this version. Thanks!
  2. Hi Eduard, I'm having trouble getting the flat look of an Acacia tree. Do you have any advice how to achieve this look?




  3. Hi jasonluckett, Can you send me your max-file? Thanks!
  4. Hi Terri, What is your 3dsMax version? Thanks!
  5. Hi lingrenddd, Apologize for the delay in replying! Try turning on the Rebuild extrasmall faces in the Global Meta Settings, it seems that this is the only way to improve the result for this tree a little. Thanks!
  6. Hi jarmo2127, Just try to enable "Manual update" on the GrowFX command panel, and save the max file. Your plant will not be updated every time. The update will be just before rendering automatically, since the renderer will require the resulting mesh. Thanks!
  7. Hi Mario, Wonderful plants! Do you want to sell them, or just publish for free? Thanks!
  8. Hi Joel, Yes, the animation can save only 3dsMax, since the control can be animated by any animation controller, and we can't save all this data. It is just very difficult. Yes, while writing a gfx file, growfx evaluates each control in the current time, and saves this data. Thanks!
  9. During growth, the mesh constantly changes the number of polygons, and perhaps Vray Fur each time rebuilds its fur in a new way. Just for fun, try to animate a simple box, the number of polygons should vary over time. How will Vray Fur behave on it? Thanks!
  10. Ok, then we need to test your scene to try to solve this problem. Thanks!
  11. So, turning on the Disable progress bar is solved the problem or not? Thanks!
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