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  1. Hi schellicon, Can you send your file in v1.9.9, which you can't convert to v2.0? I just tested the conversion and everything works fine. Thanks!
  2. Hi kumaran, You can use the Point cache modifier with the One file per frame option, then you'll have several files of small size. Thanks!
  3. Eduard

    My 2020 work .

    Amazing works! Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi wxyz, Version 2.0 has no special conversion tools. You can convert just like any other 3ds Max objects. To record point cache files, you must use the 3ds Max PointCache modifier. Thanks!
  5. Hello CG Gardener, This has been fixed for a long time, you can check it in the updated version. Thanks!
  6. Hi white_wizard, Apologize for the delay in replying! You can create an Affect node from Parameter: Path Position from a distributor node for the main branches, and from this Affect node create a connection to the Stiffness or Flexibility of the wind node. Also don't forget to add a Curve node with a falling curve for the Factor parameter of the Affect node. Or you can adjust the Decay radii for the wind fan helper, and position this wind fan above the tree so that there is a large radius at the bottom and a smaller radius at the top of the tree. Radii can be large to cover more trees if you have more than one. Thanks!
  7. Hi Rokas, Today we've already fixed this problem, please try the new update from the User panel. Thanks!
  8. Hi Rokas, I tried to open your dump file, but I can't figure out where the error occurs. Our GrowFX.dlo file is protected, so we can't investigate the dump files. Have you played with this connection and sometimes you got a crash? Can you send me this gfx file? Thanks!
  9. Hi Rokas, Yes, GrowFX 2.0 works a little differently and we weren't able to completely make it work like version 1.9.9. So, it maybe necessary to slightly change the parameters of the tree to make its shape more similar to the previous version. Thanks!
  10. Hi Rokas, I think you need to update your beta version. Today we'll update it on the server and you can download it. The updated version has a corresponding mark on the connector: It's also possible to connect links to existing Curve nodes. Ok, I'll create a section for GrowFX 2.0 questions, and will move your post there. Thanks!
  11. Got it now. Are you distributing your models and want your customers to be able to change some settings? We've not decided yet, but we're thinking about releasing GrowFX Lite version, which will not have access to the node editor, but the user will be able to change the parameters that you created on the main panel using the Public nodes. But most likely, this version will also be paid, but not expensive. Thanks!
  12. Hello Igor H Mello Castanho, We have a demo version for GrowFX 2.0 almost ready. And soon we'll release this version and you can try it. There will be the same restrictions as in version 1.x: - Convert to editable mesh will be locked; - Copying the GrowFX object will also be blocked; - It's impossible to create more than 5 Path nodes, but you can create other nodes in any number. - Will also be limited to a 30 days trial period. Accordingly, with these limitations, you can try the node editor to the fullest to understand how it works. Thanks!
  13. Hi daveb867, You can see this model here, maybe it will suit you: Thanks!
  14. Hi Javadevil, The node editor is only available in version 2.0. It's now available as a Beta version, and if you're a 1.9.9 user, then most likely you just need to renew the license. We've introduced an annual maintenance subscription for version 2.0 and higher. Check your account, maybe you've version 2.0 Beta available for download, if not, then you can renew your subscription and get this update. Thanks!
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