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  1. Hi mad, We tried this before, but it didn't work. If you've an instanced object, then it's completely instanced, and you can't make different input parameters. I've an idea to implement a new modifier that will overwrite public input parameters. And then you can clone the GrowFX object as a reference object, and apply this modifier like Bend in this screenshot: Thanks!
  2. Hello Rehmatullah, Can you check if the plugin is loaded in the 3dsMax plugin manager? Thanks!
  3. Hi Rubberji, Yes, this only works in GrowFX 1.9.9. In version 2.0 there are no Path and Distributor components, instead it uses nodes. And we've not yet implemented MaxScript access to the nodes and their properties, because we don't know how much users will need it. But in any case, we're planning to add MaxScript functions for accessing nodes. Thanks!
  4. Hi Rubberji, Maybe you should try using the MaxScript command for the Point Distribution? <growfx>.<path>.<distributor>.AddPoint <point_object> With this, you can create a looping over a set of points. For example, select your GrowFX object and run this script: gfx = $ Then select all points and run the following script: for pt in selection do ( gfx.Path_01.PointDistr_01.AddPoint pt ) Don't forget to rename the "Path_01" and "PointDistr_01" components as they may have other names. Here you can see other MaxScript commands: https://exlevel.com/growfx-manual/MaxScript.html Thanks!
  5. Hi cb2000, Can you send me this scene file? Thanks!
  6. Hello Paul AKaba, Ok, I sent you an educational license offer. Thanks!
  7. Hello Rehmatullah, Yes of course, you can buy a 5-user Corporate license and use them on 5 independent PCs in different locations. But keep in mind, you'll have 1 User panel account, where you can download updates, and accordingly you'll need to share your account password to your friends. If you know your friends well then this is not a problem. We'll be glad to see you among our customers! Thanks!
  8. Ok, I just deactivated your old activations on the server side, and now you can activate again. Thanks!
  9. Здравствуйте, Evgeny! Тогда я не знаю в чем может быть проблема. Может есть смысл кешировать анимацию с помощью PointCache? Т.е. записать с помощью модификатора PointCache анимацию, затем сконвертировать дерево в Editable mesh, и использовать также модификатор PointCache с записанными файлами анимации. Спасибо!
  10. Hi LGOOD, Converting to mesh doesn't result in loss of UVW mapping. If this happened with your model, can you send me this model? Thanks!
  11. Здравствуйте, Evgeny! А как осуществляется рендеринг? На одном ПК, либо на ферме? Если на ферме, может не везде установлен плагин GrowFX? Либо версии разные... Также мы не тестировали Multiscatter, и как он работает я не знаю. Береза вроде не исчезала, но там я заметил какие-то пропадания листьев. Может вообще все дело в том, как вы настроили ветер. Если Wind модификаторы в Direction Modifiers, то я всегда рекомендую перенести их в After Mesh Modifiers. Там он работает надежнее, и довольно быстро вычисляется само дерево, так как нет необходимости полностью пересчитывать все дерево. В общем, проверьте это, и дайте знать. Спасибо!
  12. Hello goodboy09, Ok, I sent you an educational license offer. Thanks!
  13. You need to optimize by editing parameters in GrowFX, keeping the shape of the plant. For example, increasing the Steps of the paths, increasing the Face Size in the mesh builders, etc. Thanks!
  14. Hello Baptiste Sarrazin, How many vertices does your tree have? Can you optimize it? Thanks!
  15. Да, все это реализуем, просто нужно немного времени... Спасибо!
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