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  1. Eduard

    GrowFX Student version?

    Hi Jacob Spagnuolo, Yes of course, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
  2. Eduard

    Object slice not working

    Ok. Later we'll add the ability to use the back side of faces. Thanks!
  3. No problem, I just deactivated your very old activation on the server side, and now you can activate again... Thanks!
  4. Eduard

    Object slice not working

    Hi bobski, Maybe you need to invert the normals in your slice object? Please try to do this, I see no other reason. Thanks!
  5. Hello Pezzoni, The Individual license will allow you to activate on 2 PCs, so you can use it on your laptop without any activation/deactivation. Of course, you can also deactivate your license at any time and activate it on another machine. You'll need this if you want to change your PC or reinstall Windows. We'll be glad to see you among our customers! Thanks!
  6. Eduard

    Seed Offset for Instanced Geometry

    Hi Flakked, This will be in version 2.0. There, each component (each node) has common parameters such as Count Rate% and Seed Offset, and you can change the Seed Offset for your Instanced Geometry. Thanks!
  7. Eduard

    Dracaena Marginata

    It looks cool! You can also add this plant to our plants library, of course if you want. Thanks a lot!
  8. Eduard

    deform instance geometry along path

    Hi martijnbrands, To understand what's the problem, I need more information. Can you send me your model? Thanks!
  9. Eduard


    Cool work! Thanks a lot!
  10. Eduard

    How to offset branches

    Hi Pezzoni, You need to set the value of the branches > Path distributor > Offset = maximum radius of the trunk, then add an Affect from the branches > Path distributor > Parameter: Path position to the Path distributor > Offset. Then turn on the graph for the Factor in the Affect settings. Thanks!
  11. Hi Shawn, I just check that the normals exist in the mesh like this: MeshNormalSpec* normalSpec = mesh->GetSpecifiedNormals(); if (normalSpec && normalSpec->GetFlag(MESH_NORMAL_NORMALS_BUILT)) { // use the normals data ... } Can you please advise how best to check this data? Thanks!
  12. Hi Shawn, I sent you an update by email. Thanks!
  13. Hi Shawn, Finally, it seems works fine with Combine meshes: Need to test more. I can send you an update... Thanks again for your tip!
  14. Maybe add this in version 2.0? There we can implement a separate node (eg. Change Normals) that can be connected to any mesh node, even Cylinder for example
  15. Hi Shawn, Just experimenting with normals, I noticed that everything works fine if you turn off the Combine meshes, because in this case the mesh of each object is displayed in the viewport as it is: But if you turn on the Combine meshes, then the IG objects are displayed incorrectly. As I understood this is a problem that needs to be solved. So now you can try to turn off the Combine meshes... Thanks!