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  1. Hi Steve, I need to look at your model to understand what you're doing wrong. Thanks!
  2. Hi David, I sent you an update, but I forgot to send you the max-file: DistributionOnPlane_1.max Thanks!
  3. Hello martijnbrands, Thanks for your bug report! We fixed the bug, and now your file can be opened. I sent you an update... Thanks again!
  4. Hi handshaker, We fixed some troubles with Affects, for some reason they didn't work from Surface Distributor to its Distributor in point parameters. Here's how it should look: Here I used only gradient textures in the Affect > Factor map settings: Spiral map - rotates the Angle axis, which is set 360 degrees. 2 radial maps - needed to influence on the Angle bend, Length and Vector strength. We'll release this update soon, but I can send you if you need it urgently. Just tell me your 3dsMax version. BTW, here is how it might look in version 2.0: Here I used the distance to this plane, to reduce the Angle bend and length. But I think that with radial gradients it looks better. Thanks!
  5. Hi Spatial, We fixed some bug in the Wind modifier, and this problem is solved. What is your 3ds Max version? I can send you an update. Thanks!
  6. Hi handshaker, Have you already found a solution to this issue? There you just need to add an Affect from Parameter: Path position to Offset of the same distributor, and turn on the curve for the Factor parameter. The curve shape should be similar to the curve of the trunk radius. Offset should be equal to 1.0. In GrowFX 2.0, this will be easier to configure... Thanks!
  7. Hi Augusto_Cerino, Ok, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
  8. Yes, very great job Thank you very mush!
  9. Добрый день! Нужно смотреть саму модель... И еще хотелось бы узнать версию GrowFX и версию макса. Что-то кол-во вершин очень большое для такого простого дерева... Спасибо!
  10. Eduard

    Lakeside house

    Hi Denis, Amazing and big work! Thank you very much!
  11. Hi NorthVisualStudio, Ok, I've sent you this version... Please check your file. Yes, this problem exists, and at the moment we've not found a way to use multithreading. In the future we'll try to develop a new algorithm for building such surfaces. To work with your tree, I recommend including the "Disable all Meta meshes" option in the Preference parameters rollout. Then, when you turn off this option, the metamesh will be calculated only once, and after that only AfterMeshModifiers will work when you start the wind animation (for caching, etc.). Thanks!
  12. Hi NorthVisualStudio, We recently fixed one bug in the Wind modifier algorithm, and I can send you an update, just tell me your 3dsMax version... I checked your file, and there I see this bug. PointCache works fine if you select the "One file per frame" option, but the files size is very large, because your tree has about 6 million polygons. Also don't forget to turn on the "Convert to Mesh" option in the Preference parameters. You can also set the Looping Period = 10 for leaves, i.e. a multiple of 250 so that they move faster. For small branches, you can also set a slightly lower value than 250. Select a value using the following formula: Looping Period = 250 / <some integer>. Looping Period should also be integer. Here's the list: 125, 50, 25, 10, 5. I.e. while the trunk makes one movement in 250 frames, the branches can make 2 movements if you set Looping Period = 125 for them. Small branches can make 5 movements if you set Looping Period = 50, etc. You can only control the number of created paths. To do this, you need enable the "Report on Path info" option in the Preference parameters. Thanks!
  13. Может вручную поправить данные поверхности? Я правда не понял, почему он потерял высоту, видимо Garment Maker так работает...
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