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  1. Yes this is to improve performance. If you've a binding to the vertices or some other, every time when your mouse over a tree, the model is constantly converted into a mesh, at least after any update, but if the model consists of several independent meshes (this is possible in GrowFX), the conversion takes some time, as a result, the viewport becomes slower. Also the plugin should store the whole mesh after each update, which takes more memory. Thanks!
  2. Hi lmerlos, Can you send me your scene file? Thanks!
  3. Он работает для обоих распределителей, но если у вас используется PathPosDistr только для крепления объекта на конце ветке, то да, там работать не будет, поскольку для всех значение позиции будет 100%. Т.е. нужно чтобы Instanced geometry был применен к самим веткам.
  4. Eduard

    Buttres Root Tree

    Hi RomboBellogia, First turn on your Branch_03 and others paths. Then you need to increase the density for Branch_03, and they will appear. Thanks!
  5. Eduard

    paths and spline mat ID

    Hi Bzuco, Unfortunately Mat ID can be set only for mesh builders, but we can try to add this parameter to the paths so that during the conversion to the spline it's applied automatically. Thanks!
  6. Если посмотреть на параметры Instanced geometry, то там есть Path Pos - Min и Max в %%. Их можно задать для каждого объекта свои, т.е. для бокса от 0 до 30, для сферы от 30 до 60 и для конуса от 60 до 100.
  7. Приветствую, Oram! Вы можете просто применить модификатор Spiral direction для ствола. Спасибо!
  8. Eduard

    GrowFX Student version?

    Hi GiulioAdriano, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
  9. Eduard

    Crash Problems

    Hi LightSyndrome, I checked your file, in the release version of 1.9.9 SP6 there is a crash, in the debug version it opened without problems. I recompiled the release version, and opened your file without problems. I've sent you the update. Thanks!
  10. Eduard

    My plant collection 2018

    Hi Bzuco, Great plants! Will be very cool, if you add them to the user plants library... Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi Sajith83, Need to use the Vector orientation modifier with Another target surface option. Can you please send me this scene file, and I'll help you to configure it. Thanks!
  12. Hi Bzuco, Ok, we'll check and try to fix it asap. Thanks!
  13. Eduard

    Improved interface for Vertex Color variations

    Hi Terri, To increase the gradient, just drag the line-bar at the bottom of the gradient. To delete the flag, drag it out of the gradient and it will be deleted. Thanks!
  14. Ok, we'll fix this in the near future. Thanks!
  15. Do you mean for Helpers points from Exlevel category? Thanks!