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  1. Hi again ;), just did a similar test on version 1.9.9 and works perfectly... no crash, no gigantic cache file (3go for some). I guess i have my answer, but could be nice to understand what make the 2.0 so slow and crashy...:(.
  2. Hi everyone, Newbie here, I'm trying to do an animation of growing leaves but I'm experiencing some crash with GrowFX 2.0 in 3dsmax 2021 once i start animate the grow(frame 1700-1750) and can't figure out why... . It crash when rendering, and also when caching, i already merge the file into a new one but problem seems to stay. Maybe there's something i don't see... . Thank you in advance for the help ! My config : Ryzen 9 5950X 128go Ram RTX3080 Software : 3dsmax 2021.3 GrowFx2.0.0 Corona render 7 GrowFX2_Crash_Frame-1750.max
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