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  1. I continue to love using this plugin - what a joy to create with! My node trees are getting lager and more complex and also very difficult to read with too many noodles crossing paths. What would really help this in further releases is to have a re-route node to allow us to organize all these lines and make a readable graph. I would really appreciate that.
  2. I'm wondering if anyone can show a way to do this so the leaves change color from bottom to top instead of randomly?
  3. This was helpful - it's the only info I can find on this topic related to GrowFX. There is a problem however - if you convert this to editable mesh all the texture mapping is lost. Unless I'm missing something?
  4. I am no longer able to enter values in the curve editor window. It will not let me enter values once a point is selected. It appears there is something wrong with the editor dialog as part of it is off screen and it cannot be resized.
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