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  1. Hi Eduard, thanks again for this great update. The AfterMesh modifier works like a charm, great stuff ! Here would I like to report a few "points", not really bugs but mostly things to know or missing features. - Pathname of the gfx file is not kept when copying (shift-move) or instancing an object. Also it doesn't appear in the Asset Tracking list, which can be very annoying if you need to switch to a network path for rendering. - when instancing a tree, strange behaviors appear when selecting or moving the instance. For example, from the "Tree A", I create an i
  2. Hi, I recently upgraded from max2012 to max2013, and my scene now crashes at opening. I used the "Disable Calcutions" utility, it works great and my scene opens, but I don't know how to re-enable the calculations (I only have the gizmos in my scene) - When launching 3dsmax, it prompts me "The calculation in GrowFX is disabled. Do you want to enable the calculation?" If I click Yes, it crashes. - Back in 3dsmax2012, I deleted all the GrowFX elements to check that the scene correctly opens in max2013 (it does) and to be sure that the issue is related to GrowFX. Thanks for rea
  3. Hi Eduard, the versions are the latest, but I finally found the problem. Some trial versions were previously installed and then uninstalled, but it seems that the directory (C:|Programs\Exlevel\etc.) has not been completely deleted. As the rendernode is installed in the same directory, maybe there was a kind of conflict ? So : I uninstalled rendernode, I then manually deleted the directory Exlevel\GrowFX for 3dsmax etc. and reinstalled the rendernode. Seems now to work. Thanks. (sorry , I realize I didn't post in the Technical section. )
  4. Hi, I'm running into troubles with network rendering. I'm using 3dsmax 2012 and backburner, Vray 2, GrowFX 1.8.6 and GrowFX Rendernode 1.8.6 On some computers, rendering work fine, but on several others I got this message at 3dsmax's launch : "This file was created by a newer version of GrowFX". I'm using tree models I made with GrowFX 1.8.0. Thanks for reading
  5. Hi, sorry, I didn't get the answer... I purchased the 1.8.0 version and I'd like to upgrade to the newest one, but I can't see any download link on the website. Same question about the Rendernodes, where can I download it ?? Thanks for reading.
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