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  1. I need to create a very specific tree, so i want to model the trunk and all mayor branches with splines, whats the best way to accomplish that?. I know i can use the Spline modifier but it does not follow exactly the spline and at the position in the trunk and/or branch.
  2. Nice example, I'm sure this will help. Thanks Eduard.
  3. Eduard do you have an example or tips on how to do a trunk similar to the on modeled by Mentor on his post https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/709-olea-europaea-tree/ I need to model something similar and not really sure how to accomplish this. Thanks, Guillermo
  4. Thanks Eduard, Looking forward for the update.
  5. Eduard, i have attached the tree, right now everything is off but the trunk and the meta is off too. thanks for taking a look. Guillermo Leal Acer Rubrum 3.rar
  6. Eduard, I have encounter this every time i try to use displacement and haven't been able to find a solution. why do the model have steps? i have tried changing the displacement map settings (dent map) the steps in the path parameters and the face size in the meta mesh but with out any success. any tips appreciated. Guillermo Leal.
  7. Thanks Eduard. it works fine. are there any release notes on this version?
  8. Eduard, I'm having the same issue. using ver 1.9.9 in max 2016 any chance on getting the update as well? thanks, Guillermo Leal
  9. thanks for the model very good. i have a question, why did you use the copy direction modifier on the second stem?
  10. Mostly Max 2016 but also 2015. whats new on this version?
  11. Eduard, looks very nice but i cant open it, it tells me it was crated in a newer version of growfx even do i have the latest you have for download. are you about to release a new version? Guillermo Leal.
  12. Eduard, I have been using growfx for a while now with out a problem modeling whatever i have needed. most trees are more more/less generic-random but the tree i need to do this time is a bit more challenging as it has a very specific form, could you give me an idea on how i can model such a tree? i have attached a photo for reference. any help apreciated. thanks, Guillermo Leal.
  13. Eduard would you give me some hints on how to create this palm leave type? also is it possible to create none circular branches? like the photo below. thanks, Guillermo Leal.
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