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  1. UVW Mess up..

    Thanks Let me experiment again few times before bothering you
  2. UVW Mess up..

    My UVW mess up when I convert cylinder object to mesh object.. even if its a cylinder i get a thin line when i apply uvw.. which is visible as non tilable when i apply texture.. Any solution? Thanks..
  3. Global Object Reaction ;)

    Something easy to understand implementation for this requirement would be nice
  4. Global Object Reaction ;)

    Single click to allow entire tree to react to the object.. or option within object reaction to "include all"
  5. How to use this feature? Can someone tell me? Thanks
  6. GrowFX 1.8.6 Released

    Where Can I find tutorial Vertex Color! Thanks
  7. Hello Eduard.. Can you tell me how to get random scale on Leafs it can be instented geometry or built in leaf meshes.. Thanks for your time
  8. How to add custom leaves mesh?

    Thank you..
  9. How to add custom leaves mesh?

    Hello Eduard.. Sorry to bother you once again.. but can you tell me how to achieve random height while using surface distributor? Thanks a lot..
  10. How to add custom leaves mesh?

    Thanks for the reply..
  11. How to add custom leaves mesh?

    Thanks Eduard. Is there is something for "collusion control" of custom leaves mesh in GrowFX?
  12. How to add custom leaves mesh?

    I used instented geometry but some of the custom leaves meshes going off from base mesh..
  13. Can someone tell me how to add custom leaves mesh rather then the one supplied? I followed Xoio tutorial but they dont explain how they added custom leaves mesh.. Thanks..