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  1. I was going to post the graph for you, but it turns out my switch thing did not work as i thought it did, and of course seems to work perfectly fine with deviation so no issue, it was just a subtle visual thing at the density i was working to. Once the full tree was up the switch worked exactly as it should, not how i tried to faff my way through. I have it working the proper way now with no problems. Thanks again
  2. I knew it would be straight forward, i tried every other part of the node other than the bottom I did come up with a work around in the meantime that seemed to work. I connected the child distributer to a switch node before passing to the pathpoint distributer setting the switch input 1 = 1 and switch input 2 = 0 and only connecting through switch input 1. This had the effect of this pathpoint distributer not causing deviation. This method also meant i could add roots without causing deviation of the trunk. Pretty sure that's not how its supposed to be used, but it worked. Thank you for the quick response Eduard
  3. Hi, hope someone can help and point me in the right direction if I'm being an idiot. I'm still learning how growfx works. I did a search but didn't come up with anything on this. So here's the problem. I'm building my tree, all is well, but I have a branch with no small branches (its the end of the trunk). but i can't the small put branches on it as it has a deviation modifier which references all distributers, so if I connect the trunk to the smaller branches to get branches just at the top or create a new one the trunk no longer works and deviates all over the place. If I turn all distributers off i then get a function which seems to be exactly what I need "Reference distributers", which on the surface seems perfect. But I cant get this function to connect to anything. In my simple non developer head you should be able to connect this to the distributer(s) you want deviation to happen with. Either that's not what its for, or I am doing it wrong. Any help would be hugely appreciated. I've attached an image of my node in question. and an image of the Branch (trunk) I mean. I've turned the smaller branches off so you can see it. Thanks Curtis
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