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  1. ok , and can you confirm version 1.9.9 is free from this bug ? can i use multilevel branches in it? Thanks!
  2. Sorry to bother again but is there any estimate on the fixed release date ...I am working on a project and this bug has already cost me 2 days of RnD and because project is on version 2 moving back to version 1 will again be like working from scratch Thank you
  3. hi, i downloaded tree file from - I opened it in max 2021 - animated branch_01 length from 0 to 250 - grabbed viewport and animation is smooth - converted it to growfx 2.0 - now when i grab viewport animation , leaves are very shaky - please see attached videos this is also happening in other tree i am working on growfx_old_close.mp4 growfx_new_close.mp4
  4. hi , can i have the 2022 version as well , am stuck on 2021 just because of growfx . Thank you
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