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  1. Random and noise modifiers can also cause flipping and mesh breakage. // That was it for the leafs thank you For the mesh disappearing when < parent, you could try setting a minimum diameter. // The branch mesh isn't disappearing, but the width of the branch was its original size given in directional modifiers and didn't respect the "< parent" option, because it was at 100% in "PathPosDistr". Putting it to 99% fixed it, might have something to do with the "0" size you were mentioning. Thanks for the feedback, the leaves are fixed
  2. Can't send it, it's a bought model. I don't think we can just send models over like that, Maxtree wouldn't like it. We'll figure it out on our own. But thanks for the feedback. I found similar threads where you ask for the model, they send it, would be nice if you actually explain in the thread at hand, what the problem was so we can try it for ourselves. Grts
  3. We noticed leaves blinking in and out of existence on trees we bought We tried fixing them in the Grow-FX paramaters but can't see any problems to cause this to happen. Wind is in after-mesh modifiers 1.9.9 SP9 all branches and leaves have been placed on 99% pos for the PathPosDistr modifier in Distributors (it brakes the width of the branch when using "Radius < Parent Radius" in mesh modifier, when placed on 100%... - also frustrating) test.avi
  4. it's really just a few grass sprites... Also the file per frame doesn't work for loops i read in another forum thread... Is that still valid?
  5. It's not about the plant, or scene... It's about 3D Studio Max 2021 viewport performance with Grow FX anim.cache combined. It flunks on all Grow FX objects. If you can tell me that you are able to have smooth playback with GrowFx anim.cache in 3D Studio Max 2021, that's sufficient for me. Can you?
  6. I created an animation loop We have a terrible playback, extremely choppy when using the play button from the timeline with the growfx cache. Basicly useless for review. When scrolling manually through the timeline it works smooth and fine. What this means is that we are unable to have a real-time review of the animation we cached Please advice
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