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  1. Hey, Did some farm tests today. Its definitely working when not using cache render! I tested multiple shots and they all had movement. Thanks
  2. Any ideas why there is no animation when submitting files through deadline using growfx? everything is UNC path resolved, even the cache file thats made for the animation. it just refuses to animate when submitted. it'll play in viewport but it wont render the animation. using max 2021, vray 5, growfx 19.9.9 sp9 and deadline 10.1
  3. still not quite got used to this. I managed to get cluimps a bit better but it doesnt feel right. trying to find how i can push the levels of a branch to only spawn near the ends. so i can have few big branches reach up and then at the ends they begin to break into their levels of structure. however each time i try i end up with too many branches and they begin splitting too early.
  4. Hi, New to using growfx but am in need of a good eucalyptus populnea tree. Currently I have followed the growfx make a tree tutorial and I've tweaked a little to get a bigger height etc but I'm unsure how to control the levels of branches to increase in density near the top. The tutorial runs you through with 7 levels on the branches but increasing this number beyond I think 8 does nothing in my current tree. Increasing density and length seems to make geometry overlap and go weird. Attaching how the tree currently looks and a sort of reference image to simi
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