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  1. Thank you for confirmation. Best wishes, ------- Yuji Yamauchi OakCorp Support
  2. Spinners do not appear in Public parameters in GrowFX 2.0.0 release version. Do you know the cause? I'm using the Japanese version of Windows 10, but the same is true for 3ds Max with an English UI. Confirmed with 3dsMax 2021, 2020
  3. Mr. Eduard. Thank you as always. I appreciate your advice. Best wishes, ------- Yuji Yamauchi OakCorp
  4. hello, Downloaded "The Populus Canadensis 1" from Exlevel's library and animated it with keyframes for Trunk's "Length path" parameter. Leaves cause flicker. Please how to remove flicker. rednderd anim https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A5OeuElrDazH_Bwkwo6yHNvHCIZwhr6J/view?usp=sharing
  5. "After Mesh modifiers" has a problem which does not act immediately after an addition. Please check. (*EDIT)Thanks 1.9.0 fixed by the official release.
  6. It seems that a previous Velocty element problem will be solved if Wind animation is added by new After Mesh modifiers. in fact, "After Mesh modifiers" was got to know by this thread. Thanx
  7. An element name will become incorrect if a previous scene is loaded by 3ds Max 2013. Maybe, it is a unicode problem of 3dsMax 2013. I am checked on 3ds Max 2013 English and Japanese Language mode on Windows Japanese. Before 3dsMax 2012 with no problem. (Exlevel WillowTree_1.max library loaded image)
  8. It is great update. Let's have fun. PS: sample max file is not downloadable.
  9. Understand. and Great news! I'm looking forward to it. Best regards.
  10. The examples is not included in the installer of v1.6/v1.7. were there any problems? Thanx
  11. help included in the GrowFX_1_5_0_SP1 latest installer is old(1.4.5ver). please check. Thanx ------------- OakCorp
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