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  1. Hi, I'm trying to come up with a solution to create a treeline, with very subtle but noticeable animation. I'm under quite tight time constraints, so i'm debating if this is achievable in a short time frame with GrowFX. is it possible to batch convert a group of animated growfx trees to vray proxy? (takes too long to individually create proxies for each tree in the treeline) be good to get any thoughts on this thanks
  2. Hi guys, Would you mind sharing this file with us so we can check out the wind parameters, looking pretty good. Many thanks
  3. Has anyone had any joy creating a realistic looking silver birch?
  4. confirmed, proxy's now work and Backburner renders this fine. Thanks!
  5. I converted the tree to an animated vray proxy, took ages, each frame it re-calclated the mesh and all looked fine, when I cam back after lunch it had completed but the tree had vanished from my scene. and the vray mesh file is only 1kb so something is a miss. I just used the oak_1 template, added a few more leaves. Ill send it over
  6. I'm having trouble with tree wind rendering over backburner. When I send the file to backburner, it will only render the first frame of the animation for every frame, seems as though backburner isn't calculating the change in meshes for the wind. is this a known issue or is there a workaround for this? Do i need to convert to mesh or vray proxy the GrowFX tree with wind? Over DR it renders fine, because my local machine calculates the change in mesh per frame, but like i said, this doesn't happen over backburner? Any ideas? / workflows? Many thanks
  7. Also, does the wind need to be baked as a mesh to render over DR?
  8. When adding the wind modifier, must you add this to each path individually? for example to get the brances and leaves moving, you would add a wind modifier on each path? Would it be possible to update your wind tutorial or post a sample tree with wind? I have a deadline end of the week, little pushed for time. Many thanks
  9. Ah, our email says payment is being processed, so i guess it will take an hour or two before we get the links
  10. Hi, We have just purchased GrowFX, I have installed it max 2010, I create a growfx object but no activation window pops up for me to enter the license key? Is there another way to activate it, currently it says demo.. Thanks
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