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  1. for Vray, you can create vrayproxy with animation. Or even just add edit mesh modifier then point cache. Then you can collapse the geo to mesh (keeping the point cache on top of course). I've had problem rendering with wind animation on render farm where leaf or branch popping on and off, so caching it out seems a safest way
  2. Hi Eduard, here's the file. Whenever I add the wind animation aftermesh on the leaf it just crash. I wonder if there's something incompatible with the in-house tool in my machine. growfx01.zip
  3. Hi Eduard, it's 1.9.9 SP9. on Max 2020 I tried replace the instance geometry leafs with the standard leaf mesh and still crashing. So perhaps there's some paramaters that's causing it. Or even worse my files 'corrupted'. I tried save presets and load presets to a new growfx object, still the same.
  4. Just wondering if this is a known bug. I have a simple plant that is using instance geometry for the leafs and flower. When I apply after mesh wind animation it's always crash.
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