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  1. When my instanced mesh has it's own vertex color, applying the vertex color option overrides them even if the blending mode is set to say screen. Can this be changed so that it accounts for the existing vertex color on the instanced mesh?
  2. I was really the VRay 3.2 notes this morning and noticed one feature that GrowFX could exploit to it's full potential: VRayProxy: Support for exporting the VRayInstancer as a .vrmesh file preserving the instancingSo if this VRayInstancer can export in this way, you could make it so GrowFX exports a single tree straight to VRayProxy, while maintaining instancing. That would be awwwwwwesome! No more 30 million poly proxies!
  3. For a tree or other standalone plant, doing the regular convert to mesh in 3dsmax is fine, but for a GrowFX object that represents many plants it's not ideal. I would suggest a feature that does the following: 1) You press "Extract Mesh" button 2) You choose a Path and it's Distributor. If the distributor has a parent (like a Path Distributor), the parent is discarded in the result. 3) You're shown how many objects you'll get (ie. how many paths this Distributor creates). 4) You press ok, and GrowFX creates a mesh in the scene with the name pattern: {GrowFXObjectName}_{PathName}_{DistributorName}_{###} 5) Each object has it's pivot at the start point of the path, and it's orientation is either the same as the original GrowFX object or derived from the vector of the path. Maybe the orientation is an option in the dialog at step (2). I've needed something like this a few times, but the worst was yesterday when I made some hanging plants over balconies, and wanted to export individual pieces to proxies, and after converting to mesh (40+ million triangles!), selecting the polygons to detach was a monumentally time consuming task!
  4. I have two leaves I want to use for this plant: https://allthingsplants.com/pics/2011-09-16/plantladylin/07cbcd.jpg They are folded towards the top and open towards the base, but I can't see how to change this either in the Instance Mesh operator itself or via an Affect Parameter. Is there a way to do it?
  5. When I have instanced geometry with a UVW Map on a channel other than the default (1), GrowFX does not apply vertex colors.
  6. How would you do this for non-symmetrical leaves? The angle setup works when you want to do it on one side (and make the count 2 to mirror it) but not when you want to alternate it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinnation#mediaviewer/File:Leaf_morphology_alternipinnada.png I can do it by setting the turn axis to 180, but then the leaves are facing the wrong way on the other side, and I can't get Vec Orient to fix it.
  7. Yep same with 1.9.7 (1.9.6 is fine). It happens a lot when selecting growfx modifiers or reordering them.
  8. Another example would be a hedge, where aside from the end piece, you might want to create a section piece where leaves don't grow on those inner 2 sides, so you'd use a regular Object Slice on the branches, then an Object Slice with Erase for the leaves. edit: Apparently someone has done it in real life too, not just for instancing purposes!
  9. Could you please add an erase checkbox to the Object Slice modifier? If any part of the path comes into contact with the object, that entire path is removed. Useful for pleaching: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-cZ3ODZrsBJI/TpcAru64kOI/AAAAAAAAA0w/fK6VAqxy4tI/s400/jinnybloom_pleached.jpg
  10. Sometimes if I type in an extra 0, GrowFX does its thing, and my memory modules nearly burst out of their sockets. I usually have to reboot. To alleviate this, I suggest adding a path/knot limit and a triangle limit. If this limit is reached on build, GrowFX stops building, shows a message and switches to manual mode. Secondly, when tweaking vertex colours, the tree graph shouldn't have to rebuild.Perhaps the vertices should have internal attributes (per element, length along path) that the vertex colours can derive from rather than rebuilding the mesh to bake those values in?
  11. I'd like to be able to tie the scale of a Point object to GrowFX params, so that I can simply scale the point to scale the plant, particularly useful when you have many points and you want some plants to be smaller or larger than others.
  12. I've been working on some things recently and I have to say, I LOVE the vertex color options. IMO, this makes GrowFX feature-complete. I can now make leaves sun-starched and define new and old growth - it's great!
  13. That's OK I can do it here - it's just some hobby work i'm doing in my spare time so theres no urgency. Thanks for the fast response.
  14. It looks like my instanced mesh remains at its local scale and ignores the path length, is it possible to make it so that it will scale along the path? For now i'm doing this manually using Affect Params, BUT it scales from the center! rather than the pivot of the instanced mesh, so they begin to float as they get smaller as you can see. edit: Forgot attachment!
  15. The guruware Ivy plugin has something i'd like to see in GrowFX. It could be emulated with a single modifier - An inverse Slice_dir so that you could slice paths that are too far away from an objects surface, rather than too close (like the current function).
  16. I just came across a scene that's taking a really really long time to open (GrowFX creating paths), and i'd like to see what's up without having to wait an hour or whatever to open it. Would it be possible to make it so if you hold ctrl or shift or something, all GrowFX objects in that scene are switched to manual update? Nevermind, holding esc does it edit: Doesn't work for meta-meshes. It says it's cancelled by the dialog never disappears.
  17. GrowFX is perfect for games. You can use it to make modular geometry to use as textures (leaf clusters, branch clusters, etc.) and then use it again to arrange them in a natural way as textures on planes.
  18. Easy - liberal use of the deviation modifier, and metamesh
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