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  1. Is there any chance this was ever implemented?
  2. As I understand it, enobroin was able to pivot paint only the simpler assets using Pivot Painter due to the inability of GrowFX to maintain the parent/child hierarchy (and Pivots - but that is solved in part by Pivot Painter 2.0 which is able to automatically reposition pivots for you). He then used vertex painting to drive animation in UE4 using the unreal wind system. If possible - it would be ideal to pivot paint all assets without relying on the vertex painting method. Would love to hear if anything has been updated/made simpler since then?
  3. I'm looking into methods of creating trees for an indie game dev project. I want to be able to pivot paint my trees within 3DS max in order to achieve realistic wind animations (using the Pivot Painter 2.0 maxscript provided by Epic). I decided to have a shot on one of your free example trees - however simply detaching all meshes results in a chaos that is essentially impossible to arrange in a logical hierarchy of trunk>branch> branch>leaf etc which is required in order to be processed by the script. Is there any way to export the tree without combining the meshes into one object - and keeping that logical parent/child hierarchy?
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