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  1. Sure: Notice how the leaves are clustered towards the bottom with some small patches scattered about elsewhere?
  2. Everything is working for me when I clone.
  3. I was just about to make a post about this. I was wondering why my duplicates looked strange. I'm using 2 beta on 3dsmax 2019. Can I get the updated version?
  4. What is the typical technique for clustering leaves? I know you can have multiple leaves spawn from a single point and you can turn up placement/position chaos for some randomness, but I'd like to cluster leaves together in chunks that would be spaced unevenly through the tree. The effect would be a dead tree with a few remaining clusters or branches holding leaves. My initial approach was to use a 3d noise map but I couldn't get the leaves to place themselves using that method.
  5. Hi Eduard, Do you have a recommended workflow for Growfx and Forest Pack when working with wind animation? I haven't gotten the chance to render my scene as an animation yet so I can't confirm this, but I did set up my growfx trees with forest pack and wind and noticed in the viewport that (while extremely slow) it did appear as though the forest pack instances were updating based on the wind transformations.
  6. Is it possible in Growfx 2.0 to control wind's effect based on height or even path position? Essentially I'd like to reproduce the real-world effect in which wind is stronger at the top of a tree than at the bottom. Currently my tree's leaves and branches move at a uniform intensity throughout. There are inputs by most of the parameters within the Wind Modifier node, but I couldn't find any documentation explaining what they control.
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