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  1. Oh nice ! Thank you very much Eduard !
  2. UVWOffset.zip Hey ! I've tried but whatever value I enter, it doesn't seem to work. I've attached my file if you have some time to look into it. Thanks
  3. Hi ! I'm currently working on a conifer. While I was applying the texture of the needles, I encountered a problem with the offset of the unwrap parameters. Changing the value doesn't change anything. Is this the normal behaviour ? Thanks, Karen
  4. I've just downloaded the update and it works fine ! I'm glad I could help you Thank you for your quick answer. Have a good day !
  5. Here it is, thank you for your time ! A_ArbrePin_16_GrowFX.max
  6. Hi, I've installed the update you've sent me. It doesn't change anything, the cloned GrowFX is still messed up. @white_wizard Does it change something for you ? @Eduard Do you want me to send you the Max file ?
  7. Hi, I am working with 3ds Max 2021.1 Update. And I have GrowFX 2.0.0 Beta. So you're saying that there is a new version of GrowFX ?
  8. Hi ! I'm currently testing GrowFX2 and needless to say, it is quite awesome ! However I came across an annoying problem which is : when I duplicate a GrowFX, it messes up the parameter of the clone. Here is my initial GrowFX : And here is the clone : Is there a particular way to clone a GrowFX rather than using the Clone tool of 3ds Max ? Or a way to fix the duplication ? Have a good day, Karen
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