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  1. Thank you for helping out! I don't think there's nothing wrong with growfx vertex info so far and is working perfectly. Yes I bring FBX to Maya to do material or mainly at Max for material ID. I have to create a proxy from Max then import Maya because of Forest Pack that is available only on Max. But to create a proxy for Arnold from Max with "ASS" file to Maya there is no vertex color. So it almost as if it has limitations for importing from other applications. But it'll work when opening an ASS file using the same application you just exported. So far Vray Mesh Export can do that and able do vertex but again for Arnold there's still no vertex color. So I guess Vray is the best choice for moving to different applications. I'm very curious how they are able to move to different applications for proxy from Max as a final scene. I don't think there's any tutorial for it.
  2. Hello, I hope you are well! As my title says, I'm trying to figure out how to bring a proxy ( Arnold) to Maya with vertex color ready like FBX file so that way it will give me a smooth viewport for heavy scenes from Forest Pack. I exported to ASS (Arnold) from Maya and I got no vertex color at all otherwise I need the name ("Color Set Editor" from Maya) for "aiUserDataColor" unfortunately no name to put in this node. Any idea?
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