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  1. Thanks Eduard, Yep looks like I need to upgrade my lic. thanks
  2. Hi I cannot seem to find any information on the node editor. Which version was it introduced? I am running 1.9.9 sp9. If its in 1.9.9 how do I switch it over to Node editor ? Thanks
  3. Thanks Eduard, I tried this and its not working. The leaves have a separate path for the stem, could this be a problem ?
  4. Hi Guys, I'm trying to create the new growth on a tree. How do you make leaves smaller closer to the tip of the branch ?
  5. Nice one Eduard, I see a lot of familiar trees Duncan
  6. The same thing just happened to me. I'm trying open the file and it sits there creating meta mesh. I guess theres no way to fix it without 3dsmax opening the file.
  7. Hmm I just installed the Service Pack, no longer having strange resizing issues. thanks
  8. Thanks Eduard, I don't know how I missed the SP1 anyway I gave it a quick go and the converter is very nice. Is there a way to convert all trunks in one hit or does it have to be done manually one by one ? Is it best to turn off UVW mapping until the end ? when the model is finished ? cheers
  9. Also cancelling a metamesh during creation takes nearly as long as letting it create the mesh. cheers
  10. How do you do that ? I've found if I add a metamesh I still have to copy all the parameters from cylinder mesh to metamesh. I've noticed when building the metamesh growfx doesn't use my cpu cycles ? only uses around 30% CPU ? cheers
  11. Hi Eduard, I've been trying to rescale some of my trees, since some are made in inches and need to be converted to cm. Normally I'd convert to mesh and scale it by eye, but I'd thought I'd try the new rescale. When I do the rescaling the tree looks nothing like the original, it doesn't seem to scale all the values proportionally. Is there anything I need to be aware of when rescaling ? cheers
  12. Is there an easy way to convert older plants into the new meta mesh ?
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