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  1. Hi everybody! I'd like to share with you great news and a cool tutorial that is very useful to make proxy objects from your GrowFx animated trees and vegetation, so can have a very light models in scene and play the animation smoothly in viewport. At Spline Dynamics, we've just released Q-Proxies v1.05 update, with great improvements and new features! This tutorial shows you different techniques to generate proxy meshes for GrowFx animated vegetation, taking advantage of Q-Proxies cool tools: Creating Proxies for Animated Vegetation I hope you enjoy it! Cheers!
  2. Hi! Here's an excellent plugin to create proxy objects for animated vegetation, so you can have a light model in scene and play the animation smoothly on viewport. And the best of all: it's compatible with GrowFx objects! Q-Proxies 3dsmax plugin And this is a great tutorial showing different techniques you can use with this plugin and a GrowFx tree with a wind animation: Q-Proxies Tutorial: Creating Proxies for Animated Vegetation
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