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  1. ptrain03

    Angle Axis in Leaves Mesh Modifier

    Could you use the vector orientation modifier with y axis at 100% ?
  2. ptrain03

    3dmentor's plants

    beautiful !
  3. ptrain03

    Get Fruit To Hang Properly

    Hi Joel, You could make a small path connecting the fruit to the tree and apply a large downwards vector direction to it. You could also try the hard bend modifier. Hope it helps
  4. ptrain03

    Multithreading - Any updates?

    Hi Mugga A few things I do to make trees more manageable. 1. In the "direction modifiers" panel, make the "steps" larger. Default is 1" use the largest step you can without sacrificing quality. 2. In the "mesh builders" panel change your "face size" again, make this as large as you can without sacrificing quality. 3. In the "mesh builders" for "leaves mesh" turn on "without central edges" Also, turning off the leaf and twig paths like you said you were doing is a big help. If your larger branches look correct (as few intersections as possible) your twigs and leaves should be fine. hope it helps!
  5. Its been a while, but I think I remember not caching within GFX. The Grow FX model was just used to generate the point cache file.
  6. ptrain03

    3dmentor's plants

    beautiful work!
  7. ptrain03

    Mesh Anchors

    that is a really neat feature! I am not sure how you would accomplish something like this in GrowFX natively. You might be able to model parent branch/plane and child twig/plane's manually then apply them to your tree as a reference object. Interesting problem. I am not a developer but I will play with this and re post. Thanks!
  8. ptrain03

    Self shadowing

    Hi Macker, As far as I know there isn't a way to do this efficiently with modifiers. In my experience you just have to avoid intersections of the branches within the first few paths while your modelling. If your initial paths don't intersect then your later ones shouldn't as well. I'm sorry its not a very good answer. Self intersection and self shadowing are something I bear in mind when modelling,but there isn't an automated way to avoid them.
  9. ptrain03

    Proper documentation

    Hi viniciuspaciello, The manual can be found here, https://exlevel.com/download/ It is about halfway down the page. It covers every button and is a pretty quick read. Hope it helps
  10. ptrain03

    grow fx xref update

    I am not sure. Grow FX rebuilds the mesh on opening by default but the seed value shouldn't change. The only thing I can think of that would cause the model to change is if the object the vines were growing on changed somehow. This would cause the model to change a bit even if the seed remained the same. the only thing I could recommend without knowing more would be to collapse the grow FX object to a mesh. It sounds like you have done everything the right way, I will try to test this out for you this afternoon and see if I can reproduce your issue.
  11. ptrain03

    GrowFX 1.9.9 SP6 Released

    Great job! the shape modifier is a valuable addition to an already amazing piece of software
  12. ptrain03

    3dmentor's plants

    beautiful !
  13. ptrain03

    Amazon river

    awsome !
  14. ptrain03

    Acer palmatum

  15. ptrain03

    Ficus carica