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  1. Hi austingrd, I am looking for the work to be completed in the next two - three weeks. Please PM me for details on the scope. Thank you for your interest. Leon
  2. Hello GrowFX community, I am not sure if I am posting in the correct place on the forum. My apologies if not. I am looking for a GrowFX artist who would be interested in taking on a job (paid of course) which would involve creating a number of plants and trees from reference photos. - As a note, the final imagery will be rendered in 3dsMax and VRay. - VRay materials are not required but proper Multi/Sub-Object materials (with standard shaders) must be set up for each plant / tree. - The person would be required to deliver the master GrowFX files. - The person would be required to deliver all relating texture assets. As the foliage assets are required to be created to a highly detailed level, a folio of previously created foliage would need to be submitted for review. A trial may also take place (paid). To begin the process, if you are interested, please PM me with a link to your folio. I will be in contact with people over the next few days and will provide more job specific details as required. I hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regards, Leon McBride
  3. Hi Eduard, Thank you for this release. I appreciate you being prompt with updating GrowFX to support 2013. I have also noticed that opening a file in 2013 that was initially created in 2012 swaps to using the Japanese language. I am from Australia and using the English language. This issue does not occur when creating a new GrowFX object in a fresh 2013 scene. It's not a big deal, but I thought I would flag this also. Thanks again, Leon
  4. Thank you for the response Eduard. Leon
  5. Hello all, I'm working on an animation which includes animated grass using a wind modifier. This is all simple enough but the requirement for the animation is that it must loop over 100 frames. My question to anyone, if I may, is; Is it possible to create a loop-able animation over a specific number of frames (in my case 100) using the wind modifier (or any other technique for that matter) in GrowFX? Lastly, Eduard, thanks for creating GrowFX - I really enjoy using it and appreciate all the new features that have been added recently. Regards, Leon McBride
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