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  1. Hi Eduard, of course. It would be a great honor to be in your gallery :) Best regards Bartek
  2. Hello! Yet again i present you my another personal project which i created to not get rusty. I created it with 3ds max, Forestpack Pro, GrowFX, Vray NEXT and photoshop. Trees and ivy have been made in GrowFX, all scattering job made using Forestpack Pro. I encourage you to check it in full 4,5K resolution on behance - https://www.behance.net/gallery/9771...in-the-forest? I hope you like it. Best regards Bartek
  3. Hi! I am 3dsmax user and work on 19.9 SP9 growfx. Now i'm stuck, because i created two types of tree trunks. One - typical mesh and other - metamesh. On typical mesh trunk i can create some section variation using curves ( surface displace rollout, radial offset and scale parameters ). Is it possible to do the same with metamesh trunk? I need to get result of first level branches fused with trunk, which is impossible to achieve with cylinder mesh trunk and metamesh branches. I want some variation on trunk right above ground level. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance Bartek
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