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  1. Hello again, i'm proud to share with you my latest project - Office Towers Qatar. All images are full CG, no shortcuts taken. I used GrowFX in this project to create lush ivy on train station walls and perforated structures on the plaza. GrowFX gave me opportunity to create fast and efficient naturally looking greenery. Whole project done in 3dsmax, rendered with Vray NEXT. Behance project - https://www.behance.net/gallery/120531665/Offices-Towers-Qatar I hope you enjoy. Cheers Bartek
  2. Hi Eduard, of course. It would be a great honor to be in your gallery :) Best regards Bartek
  3. Hello! Yet again i present you my another personal project which i created to not get rusty. I created it with 3ds max, Forestpack Pro, GrowFX, Vray NEXT and photoshop. Trees and ivy have been made in GrowFX, all scattering job made using Forestpack Pro. I encourage you to check it in full 4,5K resolution on behance - https://www.behance.net/gallery/9771...in-the-forest? I hope you like it. Best regards Bartek
  4. Hi! I am 3dsmax user and work on 19.9 SP9 growfx. Now i'm stuck, because i created two types of tree trunks. One - typical mesh and other - metamesh. On typical mesh trunk i can create some section variation using curves ( surface displace rollout, radial offset and scale parameters ). Is it possible to do the same with metamesh trunk? I need to get result of first level branches fused with trunk, which is impossible to achieve with cylinder mesh trunk and metamesh branches. I want some variation on trunk right above ground level. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance Bartek
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