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  1. I was eventually able to fix it by creating a new GrowFX 2 object, copying the node information from the old object, and pasting it into the new one. It functions exactly the same as when I last saved it, so for all intents and purposes this issue is fixed. If you still need the scene for testing the error, I saved the new scene under a different filename. Just let me know and I can send you the file.
  2. Also, when I unlink the first red node with the blue one, and then re-attach it, the scene freezes for a few seconds and then hard-crashes (with the option to try to save the scenes before closing Max). Yeap, I tried numerous things (also tried rewiring one of the nodes at random with lines on instead of meshes). Just insta-crash. It feels as if this scene is somehow busted. Not what I hoped to see when re-installing GrowFX. I hope my scenes aren't just gone and I'd have to redo everything...
  3. I've renewed my GrowFX license for 2.0, and tried opening a scene I made more than a year ago. Upon opening the scene, however, it gives me the error as presented in the title. The GrowFX node still exist in the scene, and as far as I can tell the node information is all still there. It simply won't display the GrowFX nodes. I'm 100% confident that there was never an XRef file in the scene (I don't work with XRef). I need this scene to function properly again to generate new variants and lower poly ones as well. Is there a way to get this functional again? Thanks in advance!
  4. While I'm still figuring it out on my own, there's actually an example for GrowFX of this exact tree in the free models library I've converted it to GrowFX 2, and instantly makes it clear how the structure is obtained. In that case, thanks to the creators of GrowFX for this template! For those interested in the written solution to this problem: You need to create a deviation direction modifier on the main trunk's path, connect it to the next level of branches and specify an angle that suits your needs. Then, drag down that next level of branches with a simple vector direction modifier, and now you have all your branches that'll keep the same orientation along the whole trunk (as each of those branches pushes out a 'knack' of the main trunk, and thus naturally looks nicely horizontal thanks to the combination of all those modifiers). Then, repeat the same steps for/between each new level if you need the same phenomenon happening.
  5. Hello! I've got a technical question that I've been wanting to get working for a number of tree's, now in a specific example but also in the past. I just can't wrap my head around the settings required to be tweaked to get the result in the image attached. Let me explain what I want to achieve: I want to recreate a Japanese pinetree (the typical type). These have very twisted main trunks, and branches that are all almost identically orientated in a horizontal fashion. I'm actually trying to recreate a high-poly example I found on the internet which is extremely accurate, and in the attachement this is the tree on the right. The tree I've been able to sort of reconstruct in GrowFX is on the left. To illustrate my current problem I've added the average horizontal line from each of the branches in both examples. I want to get the same effect as it appears on the right tree, where the branches are going in nearly the same horizontal direction no matter how randomly the main trunk is moving. I've tried changing the angle divergence, angle bend, tried to get all the branches in a single direction with either hard bend or vector bend, using circular or angular but none of those really ever get me what I want, and that's that all the branches no matter how long/thick/high/low they are, originate from the main trunk in a fixed angle that allows them to bend a bit upwards before going down in the same angled orientation. Aditionally, but less directly a problem is that I sometimes have GrowFX generating 4 or 5 branches on one same side of the spline, as if they were following a fixed path rather than generating equally around the 360° angle of the main tree trunk... any ideas to get around that? This is actually also the case in the right example, where the branches coming out from the main trunk are really nicely spread across the trunk, and you have at least one branch in each 1/4th of the 360° angle. Not easy to explain, but hopefully my situation is understandable. Feel free to ask more questions if something is not clear.
  6. Hello! I'm trying to reset the Xform of a GrowFX object after I've changed its origin/pivot point from position. However, doing so crashes 3DS Max everytime. This happens on GrowFX objects that are partially or fully made of Metamesh. I'm using GrowFX 2.0 beta (which is amazing, btw !).
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