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  1. Hi Eduard,


    just bumped into perhaps useful addition.


    Leaves Mesh Chaos Scale


    at the moment, one can only set chaos to the Length parameter which only distorts the mesh in one axis.


    Would it be possible to change the leaves chaos size more globally?





  2. Hi Eduard,

    quick question,

    how do i make leaves mesh more dense across?

    right now, it has only 4 segments accross, but i need to make the mesh denser...have a look at the screen please.


    and one more thing....

    when i create my own leaves meshes, how should i orient it and where should i put it pivots?

    I ve tried to have a look in your maple scene and did the smae but i could not set it up somehow :-// everything was upside down :)




  3. Thanks Eduard :) your kind :)

    ...aynway....i ve uploaded the tree in the user library but it doesnt seem to be there in the first look

    i have to go all the way to bushes and shrubs to find it...only your two plants are listed

  4. Hi guys,


    here is my very first Grow FX creation. Hope you like it.


    Of yourse it could use some more work to look more like bunch of Amelanchier trees + some details could be added but i will leave this up to anyone who wishes to play with it.


    You ll find it in the user tree database for download.


    Materials and textures included.

    Textures are tweaked from cgtextures.com, materials are vray.

    For more upclose shots, use opacity map for leaves.


    Here is the sample image:


  5. Hi Eduard,


    do you guys plan to add at some pont objects colisions?

    When i create denser trees, i sometimes get B2 level branches coliding or intersecting with B1 pranches and so on.

    I guess there is no way to avoid it at the moment or am i missing some button? :)

    Thanks a lot


    Best Regards



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