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  1. Hi Eduard, where do i find the latest updates to the rendernode instalation?? i ve searched the whole site but cant find it...must be blind :-/ Caould you please post a link here? Thanks! Will try to reinstall all the nodes
  2. Hi Eduard, please see the attachment. got 7 nodes working on the render and each seems to render the tree differetly...weird any clue what could be causing this? scene is huge and i cant pass it on to you at the moment :-/// Thanks for having a look at this Best Martin
  3. right...remodeled a bit and redone some of the materials now i can say it 80% amelanchier :-)...nic to wotk with modern buildings and some low shrubery underneath
  4. aaaaah thats a good pointer thanks!
  5. Hi Eduard, just bumped into perhaps useful addition. Leaves Mesh Chaos Scale at the moment, one can only set chaos to the Length parameter which only distorts the mesh in one axis. Would it be possible to change the leaves chaos size more globally? Thanks Best
  6. forget what i wrote, i only had to change the agle across value to make it look ok again
  7. when i UP the sides value, it ruins the leaf shape...instead of adding edges to smooth the sharp to edges, it adds polys to the sides and it sort of wraps up the leaves and makes them more narrow
  8. Ive created improved version, do i just reupload and write in the changelog? or should i upload lets say Amelanchier_V2 and youll delete the old one?
  9. Hi Eduard, quick question, how do i make leaves mesh more dense across? right now, it has only 4 segments accross, but i need to make the mesh denser...have a look at the screen please. and one more thing.... when i create my own leaves meshes, how should i orient it and where should i put it pivots? I ve tried to have a look in your maple scene and did the smae but i could not set it up somehow :-// everything was upside down Thanks
  10. i can see it in the section "bushes and shrubs"......it says 0 but if you click it you can see the tree.....and i can download it....i am quite sure i clicked add submission strange
  11. Hi, not sure whether this is possible but due to quite of a repetition in bark textures, it would be cool if there was a possibility to twist UVW map along the stems or branches Martin
  12. Thanks Eduard your kind ...aynway....i ve uploaded the tree in the user library but it doesnt seem to be there in the first look i have to go all the way to bushes and shrubs to find it...only your two plants are listed
  13. Version v1.0


    Amelanchier tree - something between shrub and broadleaf. Use opacity maps for closeups. Stem texture is missing, just use color or gradient ramp of your choice closeups. Happy tweaking Best Regards Martin Zmeskal www.pixelbox.cz
  14. Hi guys, here is my very first Grow FX creation. Hope you like it. Of yourse it could use some more work to look more like bunch of Amelanchier trees + some details could be added but i will leave this up to anyone who wishes to play with it. You ll find it in the user tree database for download. Materials and textures included. Textures are tweaked from cgtextures.com, materials are vray. For more upclose shots, use opacity map for leaves. Here is the sample image:
  15. reworked the maps...created my own ...i will upload with textures should i put it in as an archive? or how do you prefer?
  16. where do i download the fixed rendernode version? my DR nodes dont seem to be working :-/
  17. yes i wi ll most probably do so ....although i wont be able to add the textures
  18. That would be great! Thanks again for this wonderful piece of software...you are genious Rendering my 1st tree now...will post the result here soon
  19. Hi Eduard, do you guys plan to add at some pont objects colisions? When i create denser trees, i sometimes get B2 level branches coliding or intersecting with B1 pranches and so on. I guess there is no way to avoid it at the moment or am i missing some button? Thanks a lot Best Regards Martin
  20. Pixelbox_sro


    wow those bonsais look amazing...wonder whether thats growfx might be hand modeled though
  21. great! thank you very much...i am really looking forward to learning all the bits in GrowFX surely the learning curve is a bit steeper in the beginning Great support Eduard!
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