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  1. Hello Eduard, it worked! Thx. I was trying to animate angle instead, but smoothing is much better to do it indeed. Thx!
  2. Sorry, they just deleted it. I´m sending a new one, but matches exact effect I want to reach: Thx!
  3. I think you´re looking for bake direction function. That way your branches won´t change direction anymore.
  4. Hey guys, I´d like to ask for a help to make something like this: Looks like they´re using radial direction/scale to drive animation and give this unrolling effect. I´m able to do scale fx, but I´m struggling with radial one. Thx!
  5. Hello there, one more model I did today. Everyting modeled using grow fx without any instanced geo (leaves, etc).
  6. Caue

    Thunbergia erecta

    Hello there, a new model I did using GFx 1.99
  7. Hello Eduard! It mean I can just download and install it again and patch will be applied? Thx!
  8. Caue

    Tabebuia tree

    Hello there, this was my first attempt to work on GrowFX. Tabebuia Tree Thx!
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