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  1. Hi Eduard! It works! Wow, great support. Thank you
  2. Hi Eduard! I cannot activate, it may be outside the window of my purchase. How can I download the November 2020 beta? Thanks
  3. My license no longer allows me to download old versions of the 2.0 beta, I need the version for max 2021. How can I get it?
  4. Hi Eduard, When I send a job to the render node, I get an error that is missing growfx_old.dlo. I saw that the installation of GrowFX_RenderNode_2_0_0_Beta_3dsMax_2018_Setup does not install this plugin. How can I get around this error? By the way, great software, I am more and more comfortable using it.
  5. Hi Eduard, The installation in workstation mode is not working when I put my PC as a slave on the Thinkbox Deadline. I had to install the Render Node version but then I can't edit my files, forcing me to reinstall the workstation version. Is it possible to get around this? Thanks
  6. Hi Eduard, Just to update you, I have been quite successful in my problem by turning off "Face Size: Override Steps". So far, it stops the problems of huge edges and crashes. I am very excited about GrowFX 2, looking forward to the next version. Regards
  7. I also see a slight difference in the interpretation of Curve Parameters in the diameter of cylinder meshes (but not in other nodes). Maybe the whole problem I'm having is related to the construction of meshes, cylinders and meta?
  8. Yeah ... I think I can say that the problem is with the construction of meta meshes ... when I try to edit a meta mesh it freezes and all these huge edges appear Uvaia_001.max
  9. Comparing with the model I made earlier, now I see a difference in the branches too, as if I had some error in creating the meta mesh.
  10. However, some objects are with the construction of the mesh with some extremely stretched edges, although they do not appear in the render.
  11. It only happens with some models, (I attach one of them here). Disabling the build, I was able to copy the nodes from that, and open them in a new growFX object, and it worked, but this solution is not working on other objects in my library ... Philodendron bipinnatifidum_001.max
  12. Update: by disabling the build of GrowFX, I can open the file, access the nodes, and build splines, but I cannot build meshes, at that moment it crashes.
  13. Hello, After I updated my GrowFX 2.0.0 to the latest version (February 11, 2020), my 3ds max 2018 keeps crashing on building previously saved GrowFX 2 objects. Can I install the previous version? (I didn't find the 2.0.0 version history). I've tried a clean install, and rebooting, but keeps crashing. Or maybe it is something that will happen for the next updates as well? Is there a way around it?
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